TGH: MLB 10: The Show Review

TGH Writes: "As baseball season comes to a close, we all cheer for our favorite teams. Many don’t realize that the hardcore baseball fan will be somewhat sad to see it go. This is where gamers have the advantage, they can experience it all year around through the wonderful art of gaming. One of those titles to really show the true aspects of baseball is MLB 10: The Show. The idea circling it is the showmanship of it all, and the pure entertainment value. The realistic nature in the title is also uncanny. Is it enough to warrant some between season play? Or is it best to wait until spring rolls around once more."

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ferelinstincts4467d ago

I personally have never been a fan of Baseball games but I enjoyed this review. The game looks pretty decent.

fourtwenty20094467d ago

Way to review a game that has been out 6 months. Maybe you could review God of War 1 and Super Mario Bros. 3 next

MLB 11 is probably nearing completion and you are reviewing MLB 10?


ShadyDevil4467d ago

Appreciate it. We might just review God Of War 1 since Ghost Of Sparta is coming out. Great idea.

The reason we reviewed it is because we haven't prior, and the reason we did it NOW is because it's October, it is written in context of the time of the year it is if you realize that. It says that its a great game for the offseason because it is about the end of the season for MLB.