Top Five Resident Evil Games (RunDLC)

Originally, we were going to run this feature closer to Halloween, but then Hollywood decided to release Resident Evil: Afterlife today, and well, what the hell? To celebrate its arrival, we listed the best RE titles in history.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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TheDCD3423d ago

Glad to see RE 4 get its due.

Megaton3423d ago

I know a lot of people like RE4, but for me it marked the beginning of the end of a franchise I dearly loved.

1. RE2
2. RE Remake
3. RE3
4. RE:Code Veronica
5. RE:Zero

CaJuaLFeatPuFF3423d ago

Part 3 is the fucking scariest. i cudn't go to sleep first time i saw nemesis lol

bjornbear3423d ago

I know where you're coming from: you were a fan of the fixed camera.

however, I hate the argument of "RE started getting silly with RE4"

yes there were silly parts, but anyone who played RE:Code Veronica noticed how silly it was to have an emo kid with 2 golden lugers, not to mention the countless silly parts in RE1

RE was never serious, it always had a bit of whackyness. RE2 and RE3 were the most serious ones, to appeal to the west, and it worked! But they are also my fav along w RE4.

I really wish they'd make a NEW zombie game inspired by RE, but with ULTRA realistic zombie survival ='(

Chug3423d ago

But the remakes for the Cube were freakin awesome. I almost want to go back and play them again.

Megaton3423d ago

I never said anything about it being silly. I appreciate a good "B movie" vibe, and RE1 is packed to the brim with cornball antics. Jill Sandwich, anyone?

My issue with RE4 is that they gutted out what made me love the series. They replaced atmospheric creepiness and scares with tension built from gimped out controls and hordes of non-zombies. Dead Space is proof that you can build a really damn good horror game around a modernized control scheme. Hopefully the crew at Capcom take note before RE6.

CameronL993423d ago

You know why RE4 wasn't a genuine RE game? Because it was actually GOOD and had AWESOME controls and level design, and it ditched thos ridiculously retarded puzzles and whint emo bitch characters from past games. Period. RE5 was too short and relied too heavily on co-op, but it had some good weapons, better controls, no crappy puzzles that make no sense which was a plus, but was just too short.
I love the over the shoulder camera, its the best thing that stupid RE franchise every did, what with its crappy tank like controls with a horrid fixed camera.

darkdoom30003423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Agreed. <I havent played 4> but 5 was a great game, but it did not feel like RE game.

Where the f**k are my zombies, total lack of ammo and health, non-linear exploration
In past RE games there were far less zombies. but thoes zombies were far more terrifying. past RE were survival horror. 5 just felt like action games. Instead of zombies you're basically fighting a mob of angry people. (from what ive seen, this could be extended to 4 too)

I did like the new "control scheme" though. (minus lack of moving while aiming.) what some people don't realise is that It's basically the same controls as past RE games. It's still tank controls and whatnot. They just moved the camera.

Plus WTF... Zombies... weilding....guns. Awesome game. but seriously? I honestly think RE4 and 5 should have been split up from RE and made into a new IP (or spinoff).

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Leonesaurus3423d ago

It's not even a true RE game. I don't give a fuck how good it is. It doesn't deserve to be on this list, just like Paul Anderson's movies don't deserve to be called Resident Evil.

JakemanPS319943423d ago

mine are 1 is RE4, 2 is RE3, 3 Resident evil gamecube, 4 Re2, and 5 is RE5

albel_nox3423d ago

For me its RE3,RECV,RE4,RE5,RE2.

TheLastGuardian3423d ago

1. Resident Evil 4
2. Resident Evil (PS1)
3. Resident Evil 5
4. Resident Evil 3 Nemesis
5. Resident Evil Code Veronica X

Sarevok3423d ago

Fails for having re5 and not 3 on the list.

Galaxia3423d ago

Agree so much. This is the worst RE based list I've seen in ages. RE has two storylines, it's Clair Leon story and its Chris Jill story. The Chris Jill storyline is so so so much better and this guy just filled it with Leon Clair stuff.

Best RE games for me are

1. RE3 Nemesis.
2. RE (Gamecube).
3. RE Outbreaks.
4. RE1.
5. RE2.

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