“So… you just play games all day?”

Mike Rose, freelance games journalist: "My family doesn’t understand exactly what it is that I do, and even those that do understand are a little baffled by it all. It can make for some awkward conversation.

At a funeral we all recently attended, my uncle decided to make with the small talk, and then probably wished he hadn’t.

“So you write computer games now, eh?” he started."

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Zinc3418d ago

Reviewing games not any worse than reviewing movies, books, wine, hotels, ect.

Of course, there are people that think reviewing/writing about anything is not a 'real job'. But, if you get paid for it... it is.

GameArmada3418d ago

I don't think 'worse' is the right word - more that games journalism is still in its infancy compared to the other type of reviews that you list, hence a lot of people still don't take it all that seriously.

-Alpha3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

The majority of gamers don't even take seriously or respect this industry, so why expect anyone else to? I've never seen a hobby torn apart into so many little pieces by its fans. Unfortunately, this hobby is full of children too. Movies, books, etc. take some sort of maturity to understand and respect while gaming is accessible to nearly anybody.

It's a shame, but I don't really care. Everybody loves to play games, and there is really something for anyone and everybody to enjoy. It's not as respected, but it's a hobby that easily captures the attention of anyone.

Darkfiber3418d ago

Meh, family is family. More often than not, they are not people you would associate with whatsoever if they weren't, in fact, your family. My family asks me what I do every single time I see any one of them, and every single time I talk to any one of them on the phone. And I explain, every time, and not a single one of them ever understands it. It's easier to just not bother.

rdgneoz33418d ago

I always make sure there's plenty of alcohol at the family gatherings, it makes them more enjoyable.

ambientFLIER3417d ago

What do you do, darkfiber?

3418d ago
TheLastGuardian3418d ago

Ummmm....This is the exact same article that was submitted earlier today. So shit like this gets approved but If I submit a news article that isn't a duplicate but the same news in different words on a different site, it gets 3 reports. WTF!

goldensfree3418d ago

not an exact science but its a consistent one just look at the top users always teh same

PopEmUp3418d ago

true the same sort of bullshit everyday, that why I come here every 2 day and see what the different

GameArmada3417d ago

As the guy who wrote this article, I can tell you that this article has only been submitted once so you're talking bollocks.

GuruStarr783418d ago

For every Halo: Reach and Uncharted 2 that a reviewer has to play to completion and review, theres ten "PETZ" or Superman 64 type games to review, so it's not all fun and games....I prefer playing only the games I want to play and get "paid for it"...(I work at a fire dept. and play on my standby time).

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