MAG 2? You’re kidding right?

M2G Writes:

Our friends at PlayStation Lifestyle have found a listing on Wallmart, which shows MAG 2 is up for pre-order.

Having contacted Sony this morning we were met with the usual “We don’t comment on rumour or speculation,” however let’s look at the facts in order to put this obvious mistake by the retailer to bed.

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dark-hollow3428d ago

I hope its true and there is room for improvement
I hope they add an campaign mode or even co-op

WhittO3428d ago

tbh they are still fixing the current game, they shouldn't be developing a second game yet.
Prob just for the money since MAG didn't exactly sell too well did it?

xAlmostPro3428d ago

actually no, they're adding new gametypes/maps etc as a beta.. the original mag is done,, except from the usual bugs/glitches you'll find here and there now and again in any game..

it didnt sell blockbuster game amounts, but it still sold well.. over a million now i think? it was like 900k worldwide in 20 weeks

Chubear3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

It's an online only game that sold over a mill. That's huge... unless you can point to any other online only game on other consoles that sold 4-5mill like FPSs with SP&MP components.

Only on the PS3, this gen, have we seen not only online only games surpassing 500k (which is great sales and warrants a sequel if need be) but surpassing 1mill in sales.

Warhawk, SOCOM, MAG etc all selling far beyond ANY online only games on other consoles... btw way, do other consoles even have online only games at all? Ok there was shadow run on the 360, I forgot... how much did that sell again? oh, less than 250k? uhm interesting.

Matthew943428d ago

^^^ Counter Strike Source and Counter Strike 1.6 are online only and I would bet they've sold well over 1 million each

kaveti66163427d ago

"do other consoles even have online only games at all"

Is that even a positive talking point? Who the hell cares if "other" consoles (yeah, you can just say 360) don't have online only games? Maybe other consoles have great online games with great campaigns.

MAG was a tech demonstration. It's a mediocre game with an impressive implementation. And that is all.

-Alpha3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )


Chubear doesn't count the PC, his mission is to attack the 360. When he says other console he flat out means the 360.

He also seems to resort to sales, which I thought didn't matter to him.

What's funny is that he tries to claim exclusivity and uniqueness of PS3 online-only titles as if they are some sort of sub-genre that everyone like to play. The fact that Socom didn't have a single player isn't something to really praise, especially when you consider how broken that game was at launch and how it was made by an inferior developer.

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Sev3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

No where did PlayStation LifeStyle say it was in development. All the article says is that Wal-Mart listed it on its site.

Speculate what you will, but we didn't say it's in development.

Also Wotta, this is really disgusting of you. Are you that desperate for traffic that you would throw your so-called "friends" under a bus?

I had much respect for you, but now that's down the toilet.

Need I remind you of this:

At least PSLS didn't claim outright that the PSP2 was going to be announced based on a tip from an unknown. PSLS didn't start this MAG2 rumor, Wal-Mart did.

I guess all I can say is: You're kidding right?

wotta3428d ago

I wasn't trying to slight you or your article, I was just trying to say that I don't think Wallmart have got it right.

In no way was this mean't to be a mark against your site or your writers, and I'm sorry if you took offence in this way.

Apolloeye3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

PlayStation Life Style is on and M2G isn't - enough said.

Montoya3428d ago

"Our friends at **PlayStation Lifestyle** have posted an article suggesting MAG 2 is in development after finding a listing on Wallmart, which has the game up for pre-order"

What`s up w/ the name drop 3 words in then? TO ME it sounds insulting. It could just be the E-tone of the deadly internet.

AssassinHD3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I hate to be "that guy", but "I'm sorry if you took offence in this way" is not actually an apology.


You owe me nothing sir.

Sev3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

@ Apolloeye

I pride myself on being up on everything in the PlayStation world, but I'm not familiar with

What is it? and when was it created?

I appreciate having us included on the list :)

@ Assassin HD

I owe you an email. It's on my to do list. Been rather swamped since returning from my vacation playing catch up.


We're good. I appreciate you coming to me and apologizing.

wotta3428d ago

With what you are all saying and the article was worded in the wrong way, I have personally apologised to Sev and as you can see the article has been amended.

Sev and I have great respect for each other and I wouldn't want this to be damaged by my error.

Active Reload3428d ago

Why are you all attacking Wotta? He apologized, get off his case.

jordypordy3428d ago

He would never intentionally offend anyone and he changed the article and apologised as soon as he saw his error.

Surely that's all anyone can ask?

JonnyBigBoss3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )


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Akagi3428d ago

Why the hell wouldn't anyone want a sequel which improves upon the original? Madness.

Also, 1,000th comment.

thedisagreefairy3428d ago

you have accomplished too much. u need a vacation to relax from all the hard work.

DirtyLary3428d ago

It's just a repackaging of the game. Kind of like a GOTY edition.

Akagi3427d ago

Yeah, I know what you mean. But I can't have all the holidays; what with you and your disagreeing. I dare say that's much harder.

xAlmostPro3428d ago

although it seems unlikely at this point.. its not unlikely that it will happen..

and theres obviously still zipper staff working on it because they're doing the beta and stuff, ideas and artwork count as development so who knows they could be discussing it just now.. although putting it for pre-order is dumb haha most likely wont appear for 2-3 years..

i would love a sequel though, now knowing that it has a fanbase.. they'd have time to upscale graphics, or maybe even drop the number of players to a maximum of 128 make the graphics better and add a campaign.. who knows?.. im sure they'll do a great job when it comes around anyway

socomnick3428d ago

Sony always does that. They push out sequels to crap games and franchises nobody ever wants.

Resistance, killzone, ratchet, socom, twisted metal and now mag.

thedisagreefairy3428d ago

you loved twisted metal before. i dont get the point of ppl trolling. does it boost low self esteem?

BWS19823427d ago

needs to be a way to get to zero bubbles. One bubble for him is an insult to other trolls who only have one bubble as well.

No Way3427d ago

There seems to be a lot more one bubbles now a days then before the reset.
Does anyone know if you can 'block' people with one bubble? You could before.

BWS19823426d ago

but the design and management of this site is a joke sometimes. It's become a holy land for sociopathic a-holes and they're now congregating more than ever. I barely come here anymore. I "magically" lost 3 bubbles in a couple hours time in the old system (from 9 to 6), and fellow users couldn't have done that.

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TROLL EATER3427d ago

sony love milking fps genre

3427d ago
No Way3427d ago

I second that. Tagteam that shit? Haha.

thedisagreefairy3426d ago

my comment was removed

@no way

i guess we can fill her up together

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darkdoom30003427d ago

Whoever thinks MAG 2 is comming out in the near future is dead wrong.

A few weeks ago a Beta was announced for MAG, but the whole system has been revamped. new ability trees, different weapon unlocking system, Move support etc. It's the same game, just revamped features and new maps. hell- you need MAG to play the beta.

They are going to patch the beta features into the game once they've done the testing and balancing.

I suspect it's actually a re-release of MAG which will release with all the new features. MAG: Move Edition (eyepet and HR are doing it, why not MAg, captialize on move to promote the revamp)

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3428d ago Replies(2)
StanRaimondi3428d ago

I honestly hope that they are not. Because its still so much that can be done wtih the current game.

StitchJones3428d ago

Maybe they will not lie about 256 players. And say, we only can have map sections of 64 players each.

Montoya3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Is there 256 player on the map? YES.

I`ve seen 256 all in battle in one section at once w/ my own eyes. It`s insane.... and the PS3/server can run it w/o crashing w/ is even more insane.

absolutecarnage3428d ago

i don't know dude , like what first off it would practically immpossible to count the 256 players on the computer screen while the action is going on 64 people would look like a lot

xAlmostPro3428d ago

exactly.. when the game starts you are all sectioned up towards different flags areas.. and although you cant go into a spawn..

outside of the spawns all 256 players could if they wanted be in the same area.. zipper have said this, and theres a few youtube videos showing this im sure

dragon823428d ago

You can easily go to any section of the map and fight if you want and fight with any of the 256 players in battle.

T9X693427d ago

There is 128 players all in the same spot, for anyone to say the 256 thing is a lie, is just fucking stupid.

Also Montoya, it has nothing to do with PS3 or its servers, its all the work thanks to Zipper. The game is also significantly downgraded compared to most games, which is why you see average graphics, poor texture particles, limited animations, and 30FPS. Without Zipper doing that and being able to create an amazing network code MAG wouldn't be possible. Even with all the downgrades MAG is truly an amazing game, its quite disappointing to seeing the online numbers for a 256 player game, but you still get into a match pretty quickly.

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Drycell043428d ago

I thinks it's too keep it balanced. I think in Domination if you're defending where everybody spawns in the middle of the main base I think you can go anywhere besides defending you're objective.

SexyPrawns3428d ago

I have many ideas for MAG...

It's a shame I can't make the game myself. You guys would love it!

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