PlayDevil: Alan Wake DLC - The Signal Review

After our exclusive and very in depth interview with one of the writers' of the smash hit "Alan Wake," we offer you today our in depth review of the first DLC of Alan Wake named "The Signal".

Is it worth 560 MS points?

Here's a snip:

Unlike the majority of the disk game, ‘The Signal’ takes place in Alan’s mind as he struggles to free himself from the evil of the town. It is a shift that leads to far more abstraction within the game world, allowing the action to jump randomly between different areas of the original game world. It leads to a faster pace of play that lends itself well to the urgency of the chapter’s story as Alan follows the symbolic GPS signal of his imaginary mobile phone to lead him out of his nightmares.

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GamerKnights3419d ago

Anybody played this already and looking forward to "The Writer" ?

coolbeans3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

I posted a review of it a month ago. I'm looking forward to The Writer as well. Thankfully, the DLC has a main storyline undertone to it even though it's a "Special Feature".

CBaoth3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

My favorite 360 exclusive hands down. The ambiance from the framed narrative and introduction to the subtle, yet haunting sound effects to the fantastic implementation of the soundtrack are top notch. The twin peaks vibe, and the dialogue is exquisitely written, just a shame this sold 750k. God I hope Remedy is allowed to finish it. The Writer can't come soon enough.

EDIT: nicely written brah keep up the good work. Some of us appreciate the intellect. On a side note, I didn't mind the collectibles. They add replayability to some, and coffee thermos and the alarm clocks at least make sense (better than orbs lol) and fit the context of the game. Also, while collecting, it made me realize the levels weren't as linear as fanboys would like you to believe.

coolbeans3418d ago

It's still my 2010 GOTY but you shouldn't worry too much about the credit it gets. Reputation-wise, the game gets/will get props from many ppl except from much of the n4g community. Kind of funny considering their comments will also say "cough, bring over to PS3/ PC now" ;). It certainly deserves more sales though