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TerRover is an adorable physics-based platformer that you really want to like as soon as you first lay eyes on it. It's got a cute protagonist with lots of personality, an attractive and stylish look, and interesting platforming challenges. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long at all for frustration to set in when you start wrestling with the controls. Trying to maneuver your rover over even the simplest terrain is usually an exercise in annoyance. Expletives will be shouted. Controllers will be thrown. Sadly, at the end of the day TerRover is more frustrating than fun.

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callahan094036d ago

That paragraph perfectly summarizes how I felt about the demo. It was adorable, it was beautiful, it had so much potential, I wanted so badly to like it, but the controls just make me feel so god damn frustrated!

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ChronoJoe4036d ago

I enjoyed it. It's like a trial and error puzzle platformer. Learning curve was definitely high though, but it was definitely fulfilling to beat levels, and make perfect jumps and so on.

rekof4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

I was to impatient to even get used of controls really well ,..
So probably not getting TerRover very soon,...

But he is a pc gamer,.. so remapping old habits on controller was way easier for him,.. Some of us are just to impatient,..and want a bit faster gratification,..
but reviewer should not do that ,.. ever,.. If I were to write a review I would make damn sure that I know what I am doing and get good with the game,.. and understand why it is gratifying,..

I know this game must be crazy rewarding if you put enough time and effort into it,.. but since ign gets everything for free they just don't give a shit,..

dylantalon + bubble ( if i can even give one :)) )

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The story is too old to be commented.