“They can’t do that! I only modded my console” – Part 2

Game Judgment - If you modify your console then both Microsoft and Sony have a way of detecting you and punishing you. Keep reading to find out Microsoft can actually do if you modify your Xbox 360.

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pat_11_53418d ago

I'm always curious why informative well written stories like this get flagged on N4G by silly kids that don't even read the actual story its self.

With the Halo: Reach release stories like this about ToS are very topical. I have no desire to acquire Reach through illegal means but I am interested in finding out what Microsoft can do to those that have and play the game online.

I'm sure many other gamers out there are curious as well.

T9X693418d ago

Here's why you don't think its lame.

"What exactly makes this story lame? It's explaining the ToS microsoft uses,"

If I wanted to read the ToS I would boot up my Xbox, or even go to I don't need to a site to tell me how to read and understand rules. The only "silly kids" are the people who explain the obvious. If you have to think about it, its probably not okay for XBL. Not a very hard concept to understand.

Cevapi883418d ago

thing is, the article at least explains parts of the ToS and what that means for someone with a hacked/modded 360

Red_Orange_Juice3418d ago

You can do whatever you want with your console, but by modding it you violate PSN/XBL ToS, so you get banned

Greycat_James3416d ago

I was really more trying to illustrate the power that Microsoft has when it comes to what they can do to your console that explain the rules. Yes, most of it is dead obvious, but the little bits hidden deep inside the ToU agreements that you don't tend to even consider reading through before accepting can be fatal to your console. Let alone it's resale value.

pat_11_53418d ago

That is exactly why I don't think it's lame, thanks for typing it out for me. If you don't want to read it don't, just because it's not a story your not personally interested in doesn't make it "lame" or irrelevant on N4G.

Like I said to you in my PM, ToS is a huge issue in the video game industry right now. You have jailbreaking on iphones now technically legal in the United States, leaked copies of major games, most recently Halo: Reach and regular gamers playing and using these jailbreaks.

The legality of them has always been somewhat hazy and regardless of your views on the subject I'm still pretty sure a lot of people would be interested in a simple break down of Microsoft's ToS.

Sure you could go to or find the ToS on your dashboard, actually can you even find the ToS on your Xbox? However it's rather complicated and full of legal jargin. Nothing in Microsoft's ToS is obvious nor is it simple. If you read the story technically a lot of third party memory cards are illegal on the 360, remember the whole Datel fiasco? I wouldn't call that obvious.

The author of this story broke it down to a level everyone can understand. Sure it's not a super exciting piece of literature about a gangster rapper or whatever kind of video game journalism your into, but it's still relevant to many people and the gaming community in general.

All I'm saying here is just because you don't find a story personally interesting doesn't mean you have to flag it as "lame."

pimpmaster3418d ago

all pirating games gets you is banned from xboxlive. LOL. you can buy an xbox for the price of 3 games at this point, its worth it i say. even if ur banned in 6 months lol. just sell the 360 and rebuy another one.

HDgamer3418d ago

Fixing the 360 gets you banned too.

Greycat_James3416d ago

That doesn't make it any more morally right. I'm going to Uni to study Games Design by the end of the month, so I kinda have to say this but if you're modding, you're stealing from people, usually good people who have put around three quarters of a year of their time into creating something for you to enjoy. Modding and piracy doesn't have huge effect on the sales or the total revenue really, but if there weren't measures in place to stop this from happening, we wouldn't have games any more. Or at least, good ones.

Plus it's more likely they'll catch you within a month rather than 6. By which point you're spending three times the price of a game, a new xbl subbie and getting the mod set up monthly. Much easier to just buy the games. Pre-owned if you have to. At least that supports the stores selling the games.

kasasensei3418d ago

Fact is, they (MS, sony, N) can do whatever they want with your console or your account. As soon as you accept the contract when you buy your console and the other one, when you create your online ID, you just have to bend over and shut up. :p
Accept or leave, that's how it works.

Dasteru3418d ago

They can ban u from the online service but they cannot brick any part of the systems hardware. Federal law supercedes anything in the TOS, Just because a company puts something in there TOS doesnt automatically make it legal. Any attempt to brick/damage the systems hardware for any reason would not only give u a right too sue them but you could also charge them with digital terrorism. It would legally be the same as someone sending a virus or spyware to you're pc that causes the bios to crap out.

kasasensei3418d ago

You don't seem to understand that most of the things they can do are legal, because they are protecting their intellectual property or one of their partners.
If you try to bypass security by any hack, software or hardware, you don't respect the contract you signed anymore. If you sign, you accept, it is as simple as that.
That's why Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft have the rights to do anything they want. You can whine, but you can't argue, you signed... :p

Dasteru3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

I understand perfectly, You just seem to be under the assumption that a company can break laws just by saying they will do it in there TOS. Yes they obviously have a right to protect there intellectual property but that only applies to the online aspect of the system (despite whats said in the TOS) do u recall signing any contract with sony/ms/ninty when u purchased the system from the store? no, because there wasnt one, you only sign it if and when u sign into the online portion of the syetem and as such it only applies to the online portion. read up on laws surrounding destruction of property, there intellectual propertly does not include the physical hardware of the system, that is you'rs solely, when you buy the system and it is illegal under any circumstances for them to damage it in any way.

Edit: Just to clarify, when u purchase "any" electronic device, only the software is under copyright not the hardware, the hardware belongs to the purchaser and you have the right to do whatever u want with said hardware as long as it doesnt affect the online aspect or software in any manner or allow the use of illegal material such as pirated software. The manufacturer no longer owns any part of the physical device and to brick it would be considered destruction of property.

3418d ago
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