Sony Demonstrates PlayView at CEDEC 2010

When PlayView was trademarked by Sony shortly before E3 2010, speculation ran wild with many assuming it was either new hardware or a PlayTV like peripheral. Neither of these are the case. PlayView is infact a new service for the PlayStation 3 console and was recently demonstrated by Sony at the 2010 CESA Developers Conference in Japan.

True to its name, PlayView is a “high-quality image enhancement technology”. The aim here is to be able to quickly scale an image with more than 1 billion pixels with absolutely no delay.

At this year’s CEDEC 2010, Teiji Yutaka demonstrated PlayView using the PlayStation Move controller in real time to increase and reduce the size of a still image of a park consisting of over 3 billion pixels. You can view the transition of the images in the demonstration below (click each image for full size)

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Sev3418d ago

Interesting technology.

remanutd553418d ago

interesting indeed sev , good to see that its not only being apply to the ps3 but psp also , u know anything about psp2 sev?we know u know some sony secrets lol

DarkTower8053418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

Reminds me of microfiche like the spies used to use (maybe still do). Very cool tech.

Very cool potential for hiding easter eggs in games/themes/etc.

bviperz3418d ago

With super-high resolution pictures becoming more common now I can see where this will come in handy. Hell, give me a decent picture editor for my PS3 I wouldn't need a Mac. Aw, damnit, should have patented my idea first!

Baliw3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

Erm... interesting info but this is prehistoric old news. One year maybe?

Anyway, from what i remember when i first saw the video. The stuff is pretty impressive. It can mix pics, video, and what the not.


From youtube uploader info:

----------------------------- ---------------------
Diginfonews | September 07, 2009

DigInfo -

Sony Computer Entertainment
High-Resolution Image Enlargement Technology
----------------------------- ---------------------

Yup, i was right.

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IrishYamato3418d ago

I dont get it, can this be used to get better graphics in games or is it only for documents and photos?.

T3mpr1x3418d ago

I don't think it can apply to most games directly, but it could help to make higher-quality in-game manuals. Detective games could definitely benefit, though.

ChronoJoe3418d ago

It's essentially emulating high resolution, the resolution is always what, say 720p for example, but it's able to emulate say, 25XXp by streaming the images as 'frames' as you zoom in or out.

I assume it works very similar to a video games real time environment, so it'd have no application within video games that weren't using static images.

It could however, reinvent the way we browse the internet. Or at least view specific sections of it, particularly on more mobile platforms.

8-bit3418d ago

They said they could use it like an XMB. Zoom in on areas like video, photo or game and content becomes viewable as you zoom in on it.

ChronoJoe3418d ago

It'd be amazing if you could zoom into 'games' play a little, zoom out, have it save that as a savestate as you zoomed out, then you could resume when you zoomed in...

kaveti66163418d ago

well then that can be used for gaming. If you were to zoom in on an object in the game and have the image scaled automatically so that it is crisp rather blurry, then this tech could definitely do that. i hope sony implements this into their gaming tech soon.

ChronoJoe3417d ago

Point is kave, this tech already exists within video games.

If the cameras 'zoom' rather than zooms, physically moves the camera forward in the virtual enviroment, it would have the same effect as this. It's essentially the same way video games stream each investment as your character hits them, for a static image.

Godmars2903418d ago

Is this anything similar to the "scaling" web browser they showed off a few years ago?

joypads3418d ago

& we expect nothing less from this super intelligent company. ;)

TheObserver3418d ago

I can see this in use as a really cool in game tech tree or level up grid( ALA FFX), or MAPS. Very cool. I didn't know they had this.

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