Let's Move! How will overweight America react to Motion Controls?

NowGamer: With gaming itself linked to obesity by studies in Philadelphia and Seattle, I have to wonder how keenly America - with two thirds of its population considered overweight - will receive the next wave in interaction: motion control.

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GWAVE3423d ago

They'll react the same way they've reacted to the Wii, which has been out for several years.

Duh, it's not rocket science.

skyward3423d ago

The piece discusses the fact that Move and Kinect aren't going to be marketed like the Wii - Halo, Killzone, MW2 players might actually feel compelled to try them

Tommykrem3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Nah Wii is cheaper on paper (I said on paper, Move has less hidden costs for motion plus and what not) so Americans like that better. Oh, and while Wii shouts "This will make you smexy" with brain training and workout games. Move hasn't got too much of that yet (thankfully). But let's wait and see.

iamnsuperman3423d ago

Well some will buy it thinking that playing fitness video games will get them all fat/unfit people planning to get motion controls to be fit: if you want to be fit go for a run. Fitness games that involve running on the spot are useless. Its even cheaper (than buying a console) to go to a gym if you like to do exercise in doors

skyward3423d ago

The piece also says that if the games are fun enough, you could play yourself fit without even realising it. How d'you like them apples Mrs Obama?

iamnsuperman3423d ago

Playing yourself fit???? The join a local sports team or go to sports clubs. Waving your arms around and running on the spot for 30mins or so isn't beneficial. To become fit and lose weight you need to do things like walking/ running to things like swimming.... With Running on the spot there is little resistance except your own weight. Outside you have hills and wind which makes it harder but it better

To become fit you need to do more than play Wii tennis (flicking you wrist) and running on the spot. I recommend at least a 30 mins run every day and you will notice the difference surprisingly is a great website for experts and beginners and the community around you who runs also can go on your runs and you can go on theirs (also has a calorie counter and how much you lose per run)

skyward3423d ago

Totally agree you should keep fit - my point was people needn't bother with actual 'keep fit' software if compelling videogames get you to do the same actions for a similar period of time

theonlylolking3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

This is what they will say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.