Heavy Rain dev eyes Xbox 360

Heavy Rain director and Quantic Dream founder David Cage has hinted that his next project could be a multi-platform release.

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r0gueZA3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

aah damn, I thought Heavy Rain to Xbox

dosgrtr3425d ago

the heavy rain ip is owned by sony

Red_Orange_Juice3425d ago

I highly doubt they will go multiplatform, more like Sony will buy them.

Hydrolex3425d ago

Are you smart enough to get that ?

bjornbear3425d ago

more cashings =D

I still don't see the average 360 owner appreciating / buying a QD game unless it consists of shooting aliens

RememberThe3573425d ago

They own the Heavy Rain IP. I think Sony will let QD go what ever way they wish with no ill will. No matter what they do, odds are the game will be on the PS3 either way.

Chris3993425d ago

He never mentions the 360, just "other platforms"; could be the 3DS for all we know.

Selective journalism ftw.

Tommykrem3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

360 is the most similar platform to PS3, so when David Cage says that his studio is looking at a multi-platform release from a studio with PS3 experience, people assume it's 360 and not 3DS, N64, Neo Geo or Sega Saturn. Of course, it could be PC and not 360, but people just like to take a short-cut and guess a little. So do I.

But yeah, one would think at least the topic title could keep it clean.

GWAVE3425d ago

The article says "other platforms". Never once does David Cage mention the 360 specifically.

But who cares? I thought Heavy Rain was nothing but one long QTE movie, right? I mean, that's what certain fanboys would lead you to believe...



And from where did you take this thing with PS3 like experience, anyway? I'm not even saying it's not 360, but have you considered that maybe David Cage wants exactly to avoid PS3 and it's similars? When people outsource they usually do so exactly so the comeout is different. Or this shortcut too absurd to you? What if he want motion controls? Than PS3 simliar is Wii, isn't it? What if multiplatforms mean two handhelds? And why does PS3 have to be involved? As far as this article tells it could be Wii, 360 and PC and it wouldn't go against what David stated.

That's the problem with assuming things. You or me doing it here is fine, any journalist worthy his keyboard ain't.

r1sh123425d ago

the devs have just thought..
Lets port it over to make more money.
I personally hate exclusive games, but I have both consoles so I can get all the exclusives..

Montrealien3424d ago

That would be awesome, one of the best, and overlooked adventure games from the last gen. Now that people actually care about a solid Quantic dreams adventure game, it is time for Fahrenheit 2! Multiplat!

inveni03424d ago

Sony won't buy Quantic Dream because their games don't have mass market appeal. Sony buys companies that appeal to the masses (Media Molecule, etc.). They backed Heavy Rain because they believed in the IP. It was a smart move. Heavy Rain is a great, original game--and there's nothing like it on any other platform. But Sony respects developers' desires to develop what they love. In QD's case, that's unique adventures. There's not as much room in the market for titles like Heavy Rain as there is for titles resembling Little Big Planet, Uncharted 2, etc.

Personally, I don't mind if QD goes multiplat, as they have the experience to do PS3 justice. It WOULD bother me, however, if they didn't do the 360, Wii or whatever justice.

I'd be willing to bet that they're really eyeing motion control right now, as they'll soon be able to create the same game on all 3 major consoles using the different motion controllers (or motion response systems: Kinect) in similar fashions.

sikbeta3424d ago

QD is not owned by Sony, HR is owned by Sony and Sony always make deals with devs for more than 1 game (usually 3) developed exclusivelly for Playstation, after that devs can choose to extend their deals or go multiplat, that's called Second Party....

3424d ago
Sony3603424d ago

He didn't say it was gonna be another Heavy Rain game.

number473424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

"But who cares? I thought Heavy Rain was nothing but one long QTE movie, right?"

Thats the best part.. all of em flopped it. Came out, scored higher and sold better.

It only does: Drama


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Heartnet3425d ago

If the quality is teh same as Heavy rain on the ps3 then i have no problem :) although exclusives are always better :(

thereapersson3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Do people just automatically ignore / forget the concept of "IP holding"? \

Also, I thought Heavy Rain was just an "interactive cutscene", to many 360 fanboys?

Roozium3425d ago

I still think it sucks and I'm a proud PS3 owner. Just because I have a console doesn't mean that I have to buy every exclusive and love them and praise them. I seriously don't like Heavy Rain or Little Big Planet, yep I just said that.

orange-skittle3425d ago

You do know Indigo Prophecy was on xbox right?

dosgrtr3425d ago

the indigo prophecy ip was owned by quantic dream and the game was published by Atari

T9X693425d ago

Well since most people here tend to label me as a 360 fanboy, I'll throw in my opinion. I think Heavy Rain was brilliant game, it was simply amazing and I loved it. On a side note though, its not just many 360 fanboys saying it's an "interactive cutscene", when some of my PS3 friends saw me playing it and asked me about, soon as I told them how the game played, they said it sounded "stupid" or "boring". Oh well, there loss I guess.

orange-skittle3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

And that means what? I dont give a rats ass who published it. We are talking about the Developer Quantic Dream. It's the same as Insomniac making games for the 360. What does Atari publishing I.P. have to do with Q.D. making "ANOTHER" multiplatform game since that's what they do? There is no news here

BTW, I wasnt even responding to your comment, so dont talk to me. I was responding to the comment about "xbox owners saying heavy rain is an interactive cutscene." It was pretty much like that, but it was already experienced since I.P. did the same thing. That's Quantic Dreams modus operandi. Its the exact same type of game with better graphics. Young and dumb PS3 only users think this is some new sh!t when it's actually 6 years old.

dragonelite3425d ago

Next game not heavy rain is what they are talking about i think.
Still hope it goes with a more action based gameplay something more the a interactive movie you know a game with good story a logical story where soldier can be a hero not some nobody that never handled a gun that can go rampage against elite special forces.

Lyr1c3424d ago

Haha, Organge-Skittle LOVES personal attacks. Nerd Rage ftl.

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Megaton3425d ago

Hate to rain on any fanboy parades developing here, but Heavy Rain is actually their only exclusive game. Their first game didn't even see release on a Sony console.


omikron was amazing i really hope for a 2nd one with bowie in it again, i think what people are getting confused about is that heavy rain WILL NOT be on 360 but there is no reason there next game wouldnt be multiplat.

RememberThe3573425d ago

The question is whether they will work with Sony again on a first party basis. I don't think their next game will published by Sony since Sony likes to own the IPs they publish and QD likes to own the IPs they work on. But I do think they will work with SCE in the future.

Right now QD should test the market for their type of game and see how the other bases react to it. If it's not positive they can always come back the the PlayStation and release an other great title.

Rybakov3425d ago

i own a 360 and ps3 and i love QD
Heavy Rain was amazing and so was indigo prophecy

if they make another multiplatform game more power to QD

Sheikh Yerbouti3425d ago

Word. I think a similar game using Kinect would be awesome - better than anything Microsoft has showed us thus far for Kinect.

Redempteur3425d ago

i doubt it cage already saw the problem of doing multiplat with their previosu 2 games ..the pro of staying exclusive should be higher ..
but hey with dev costs being higher than ever ..i realise how hard this must be.

Anon19743424d ago

It wouldn't be the first time they made a game for the Xbox - they released titles on the original Xbox. That being said, I think sales of titles like Alan Wake on the 360, or really anything that's not a shooter, would probably give them pause over the PS3. When it comes to shooters, the Xbox 360 fans love em - but everything else is so hit and miss I don't know as a developer if it would be worthwhile.

TROLL EATER3424d ago

do 360 owners realy care? Halo reach is more than enough

MysticStrummer3424d ago

Quantic Dream may or may not go multiplat with their next game, but it won't be on the 360. Cage said several months ago that their next game would be out next gen.

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saimcheeda3425d ago

at least we get a new game!

Hands Up For Games3425d ago

Agree 100%!!

Just like Biowares Mass Effect coming to PS3, Quantic Dream games deserve to be played by as many gamers as possible.

Hope we hear some news soon, like real soon!

callahan093425d ago

When it comes right down to it, I agree with you 100%. These guys take risks and they're very talented. They deserve good sales and recognition for their efforts, and by whatever means necessary I think it is only a good thing if they get those sales.

ravinash3425d ago

Well if it is going to be their next game to come out, it could be years before anyone gets to play it.

SaberEdge3425d ago

What a very non-fanboyish thing to say. Good for you. We need more of that around here.


but alas you both get disagrees for being an anti-fanboy fanboy by n4gs logic.

CountDracula3425d ago

Yeah that whole Final Fantasy death threat fiasco really scared them straight. ALL ABOARD THE 360 TRAIN. lol

voodoo3413425d ago

Another platform doesn't automatically mean the the Xbox360. He could easily create a game for the Wii, PC, DSi or even the iPhone. I could see a Heavy Rain type game going down very well with all the Nintendo parents out there.

dosgrtr3425d ago

or even the psp,who knows?

Kurt Russell3425d ago

I lolled that you got bashed by disagrees just for the mere mention :P

- Hope you're right!

Sony3603424d ago

And you got bashed with disagrees for mentioning him getting bashed by disagrees.

What angry, sad people roam the comments section?

Rybakov3425d ago

the question really is why would you wanna put a game on the wii ds psp those systems suck 360 and ps3 have all the good games Nintendo is in love with sholveware and psp is dead besides persona 3 portable

edhe3424d ago

Ah shoosh.

You're not exactly going to actively ignore the #1 selling console in the us [based on last NPDs] which also has the highest software attach rate now would you?

There's a reason to be logical.

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ndibu3425d ago

You'll get death threats! You'll be labelled a back stabber even though you do not owe anyone any allegiance.
Seriously though David, you'll let us know when the death threats start right? Cos those make for great articles

Narutone663425d ago

You don't even own a PS3.

Sony3603424d ago

He'll get death threats even though it'll still be on the Ps3 as well as the other console.

It's like a child wanting to be the only one with a popsicle and getting angry at someone else having one.