Firmware 3.42 Causing Problems? A bit of common sense can go a long way.


"Hey everyone, guess what? Go on, guess, bet you can’t! Oh alright clever clogs you read the headline, people are reporting Firmware 3.42 is causing problems."

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Lovable3423d ago

"All the reported problems can happen at anytime not just after a firmware update. PlayStations occasionally go wrong as do washing machines, cars, Xbox 360s, electronic egg whisks and threesomes (they always seem a good idea at the time.)."

Haha. The threesome part was hilarious.

LukaX233423d ago

Posting that comment is probably the most people will actually read from the article. The majority of people on this site think they know what the entire article is about by reading the title.

hay3423d ago

People are ALWAYS having trouble with every PS3 firmware. There's obviously a chance of something going wrong, as with everything but every other FW there's article:
"ZOMG! FW Update breakz me Trey!"

My PS3's drive died when I was watching Inglorious Basterds on Bluray. OMG! Inglorious Basterds destroy teh PS3 drives! Makes sense.



I read it all, but I must admit that from title and main page part of description I was thinking some dumb guy was trying to use Jailbreak USB and when it didn't work he mistaked it for a malfunction. LOL

3422d ago
imoutofthecontest3423d ago

I've never had a threesome go wrong. You need to up your game, son.

MiloGarret3423d ago

That's because you've never been in one...

dantesparda3422d ago

can work out fine, as long as one of the girls is not your girl.

tinybigman3423d ago

i've never had any problems with the firmware updates myself. bad luck to those that have.

T9X693423d ago

Same. Not one firmware update has ever caused me problems. It might be people with older models though since I'm on a slim, but I don't know.

tinybigman3423d ago

I'm on the 60 gig phat model, so I guess I'm still glad its going strong.

GWAVE3423d ago

Never once had a firmware issue. I think certain people/websites make a big issue out of even the smallest of PS3 "problems" because they'd like to believe the 360 isn't the only console with crippling issues.

dantesparda3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Fucked up my UC1 saves. Or at least i think it did, cuz verything was fine with that game til i installed 3.00 and then UC1 would keep locking up at a certain cutscene. And it wasnt til i deleted the save that it fixed it. So i think fw3.00 corrupted my UC1 save which in turn locked up UC1 for me. Otherwise it was just pure coincidence. I was on the orginal 40GB

madpuppy3422d ago

and a slim model and I have never had a problem with a firmware update as well.

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FamilyGuy3422d ago

"Your PS3 doesn’t work, your girlfriend left you, they postponed the last episode of True Blood due to Labor Day. Nothing ever works out as you want. Shit happens, it’s called life – get used to it."

Thank goodness my PS3 is at least still working...

Drac3422d ago

Yeah the postponing of True Blood was what annoyed me the most.

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RememberThe3573423d ago

I've been waiting for someone to say this for along time.

Biggest3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

It's never too late. I do believe this firmware update is going to be the reason my PS3 dies when ever it does though.

ndibu3423d ago

Those that are experiencing problems caused by any Sony firmware should shut up...right? Lets all shut our eyes and block our ears...Lord Sony commands it

Unicron3423d ago

Shut up? No, of course not.

Is it news if a few people have issues? Hell no.

SilverSlug3423d ago

as believing that COD4 caused 360's to have disc read errors. It was not the game, it was just that it was played all the time and it happen to be in the drive when the drive went bad.

The game did not make the drive bad, it was spun just like other discs are spun.

Heartnet3423d ago

Nah its not the firmware update though lol.. so its not caused by that and tehres just trying to blame some1 for the sake of blaming :)

Ilikegames763423d ago

I don't see you whining about the MS shipping a defective console or if it's scratching your DVD disc or when they increase the XBL price. Master MS must have commanded you to sit and play deaf and blind.

ndibu3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

My console E74'd in its 3rd month and I missed out on a week of gaming, I was pissed and I complained and it got noticed cos they included E74 into the 3 year warranty.
When my xbox scratched my Fallout 3 disc I complained and I got a replacement.
So there goes your retarded point. If you want a link to my complaints just pm me
Edit: my xbox live comments can even be found on this site. Go back to the story about the increase and you'll see I mentioned that I do not use xbox live because I refuse to pay for what is free elsewhere.
How'd you like me now?

Narutone663423d ago

But I see you always trolling the PS3 thread. All the comment I see in your history are mostly about bashing and trolling the PS3 thread.
@Sitris, are you ndibu's alternate account?

jack_burt0n3423d ago


OH WOW that is funny you are a troll but wont pay for live because it is free elsewhere.

I do believe you just trolled the 360, u are now a ps3 fanboy.

Its good to know you love the Sony PlayStation so much sitting in ur hut playing uncharted.

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commodore643423d ago

1. Some people experience problems related to the firmware update
2. Other people immediately post blogs defending Sony's Firmware.

Never fails.

ash_divine3423d ago

3. and xbox fanboys try to spin things to try and make Sony or the ps3 look bad.

never fails.

raztad3422d ago

Actually the people experiencing problems with 3.42 are the potential pirates. They were locked out the PSN.

My experience with FW updates, games updates, has been pretty smooth so far. Guess I'm very lucky. Hell I even was able to log in the PSN during the so infamous ApocalyPS3.

I actually enjoy updating my PS3 FW. Always looking forward to new features. Too bad Sony is pretty slow at it.

3422d ago
pr0digyZA3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

my playstation (slim 250GB) lasted 4 days before I got the three beeps. I knew though that it had nothing to do with updates etc... it's really just a common error that happens with all electronic equipment, some people will never get it and others will. When I get my other PS3 it might last 50 yrs it's really luck of the draw.


4 freaking days? Man, you are one unluck sob!

But you are right, things do break as the reason there is one year warranty in those things, manufature flaws are expected to lead into hardware failures in up to that time... But 4 days? Really?

*knocks on the wood*

xAlmostPro3423d ago

exactly.. i had my 60gb since the day of ps3 release until 2009 without any problems.. and it was still working when i traded it in for a slim.. and ive had this about a year and a half without any problems..

but you know sometimes you buy something, it doesnt work.. you take it back to the store get a replacement and it works fine.. maybe they got bashed on the way to the store.. who knows? but to blame sony and its updates everytime something goes wrong is just dumb

pr0digyZA3423d ago

Yes thats what I'm thinking something happened on the way to the store. Luckily the store I bought it from is happy to do a straight swap because it was such a short time.

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