Mass Effect 2 Lair of the Shadow Broker Review (’s Raymond Herrera reviews the latest downloadable add-on for BioWare’s space adventure Mass Effect 2. Complete with car chases, betrayal and hordes of enemies Lair of the Shadow Broker gives gamers a chance to finally see who the mystery man really is and confront him.

"Mass Effect 2 released early this year and has continued to stay updated with new DLC since it release, including Katsumi’s Stolen Memory, which added a new party member and plenty of small add-ons which added weapons and armor to Commander Shepard’s arsenal. This time however gamers are given the chance to team up with an ally from the first Mass Effect game as she sets out to get revenge on the Shadow Broker.

All-in-all the add-on is a little over two and a half hours long and does a very good job of keeping players entertained the entire time, while also giving them the opportunity to do something many of them have wanted to do since the first game, confront the Shadow Broker."

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