Real Life Lemmings Invade Boston

The Pranksters at ZUG are probably best-known for their Michael Jackson Impersonation prank. Recently, they got together a few dozen people and did a re-enactment of one of my favorite video games, Lemmings. I played Lemmings for endless hours as a kid, and seeing people dressed up in blue with green wigs and hearing that music brought back quite a nostalgic moment.

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CrzyFooL2965d ago

Wow. Words can't describe just how nerdy and fat those people are. Pretty epic tho . . . and now I want to play lemmings.

jaredhart2965d ago

Damn Lemmings...get the shotgun Millie!

aselah2965d ago

Hahaha! That's awesome! I want a green wig and blue moomoo dress!! I love the Lemmmings!

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