MAG: Beta Patch v1.03 [Details]

Okay people. Let's try and consolidate all feedback and impressions to this thread. See something cool and new or something that needs to be fixed go ahead and post it. So without further ado, here we go. There seems to be a lot of new improvements to the patch, keep up the good work zipper!

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T9X692961d ago

I actually really liked the new game mode, but the one problem I had was the map for it. The map is sooooo damn basic, its not creative or interesting at all. Just a big open space with an underground area where D is, and each faction has a base that leads off close to their spawn. Once D opened up weather you're attacking or defending, its so damn small and crowded its not even fun to be down there because its just filled with grenade spam. I really like the idea of this new game mode and its a lot of fun, but my god make a better map. Zipper IMO makes some of the best maps in any video game, at least with the SOCOM series, and it's kind of a shame to see just a horrible basic map from them.

-Alpha2961d ago

I couldn't even play the beta due to some stupid error. My screen just goes black and I end up hard resetting my PS3.

I played MAG on the disc and had to do a patch update so I may try again now that I'm up-to-date.

Trroy2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

...there are three maps. Sounds like you didn't play it much.

I love the Silverback Ridge map, personally. I think you must have played Isla de Magma?

RPcinemas2961d ago

hmm i agree with you there @T9X69 hopefully they will improve the maps in future updates. But its still and awesome and addictive game !

Newtype2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Yeah, I keep missing the beta too. The hours don't support people who work 9-5.

Raoh2961d ago

i have yet to play the beta, i hate that its only on during certain times, its never when i'm available to play..

just been playing the regular game


MysticStrummer2961d ago

Nice. Love this game. I know this is wishful thinking while they're focused on this beta, but now that they're making the original maps faction neutral I think they should come out with some DLC that contains at least one new map for each game mode. Stop with the new modes and give us more maps for the existing modes. I like the new mode ok, but I don't see myself playing it more than the existing ones. The next two DLCs should be new maps for existing modes. I'd pay for that right now. If there has to be another new mode, make it with all 3 factions again, but a Capture the Flag type of game where there is one (fill in the blank) that all 3 PMCs want. Capture the Intel. Also I think they should make the contracts change which game modes they are assigned to based on how many people played each mode. For example, up the XP bonus that's currently given for winning the Sabotage contract and put it on whatever game mode was played the least during the previous week. I don't know if that makes sense, but it seems like that might make people play modes they might not otherwise play.

TardcoreGamer2961d ago

I'm not paying for it till I see a serious amount of people playing them. Every time I'm online I see only 15 - 20 people in interdiction lobbies...Not a good selling point if you ask me.

ThanatosDMC2961d ago

Interdiction is fun... it's a rocket launcher mayhem.

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The story is too old to be commented.