World Exclusive Hands On: Skyfighter (PS3)

TheSixthAxis writes:
Creat Studios’ latest PS3 exclusive is an ageless tribute to a bygone era of videogames – two dimensional in both visuals and gameplay, Skyfighter takes the classic side-on aeroplane shooter and gives it just enough next-gen dazzle, keeping it both deliciously retro and yet simultaneously good looking.

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bashesh3015d ago

Looks really good. I will definitely pick it up if they sell it for around 10 bucks

Godmars2903015d ago

But they'll likely ask for $15.

Immortal3213015d ago

or else this game is lame.

klapkip3015d ago

Old school, day 1 buy for me. Looks also very cool

s45gr323015d ago

Hopefully there is a demo for it so I can try out first buy later.

3015d ago
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