Rocket Launcher vs. Plasma Launcher

Today we will be comparing the UNSC Rocket Launcher and the Plasma Launcher. Some people probably think it would make more sense to compare the Rocket Launcher with the Fuel Rod Cannon. We have decided that because the Fuel Rod is only in Firefight that we will not be comparing it.

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Wizziokid2964d ago

From the beta I preferred the Plasma

ljastangs212964d ago

I thought it tracked slow as hell and I didnt like how it would fire on its own if you charged for too long.

lugia 40002964d ago

The plasma launcher is more effective at long range than the rocket launcher. There... nothing more to explain.

MasterD9192964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Plasma launcher hands down...Rocket launcher doesn't lock on and track you.

You may score some double kills with a rocket launcher but the plasma launcher has more of a chance of a multi-kill based on the fact that usually some idiot runs into a group of his teammates after being stuck...

ljastangs212964d ago

When you stop playing against idiots you will understand that the rocket launcher is much better.

SixZeroFour2964d ago

i say plasma is better because it tracks both vehicle and bipeds AND has much more ammo meaning more kills

rocket launcher is stronger no doubt, but with only 4 shots, you can only take out so many ppl, while you can do a whole bunch of single shots for bipeds and combo shots for vehicles with the plasma

i dont know how the article came up with its conclusion, cause it was clear they knew what they were talking about in the pros and cons, but didnt see the value in them