Monster Hunter Tri's - A Stick in the Mud! (Data)

CoffeewithGames shows the play-time data and says, "We last looked at Monster Hunter Tri's play-time data 3-weeks ago, from August 16. With this week's data, I am including a monster hunt video I went on in the single-player campaign a few days ago. In the video, I'm hunting a Barroth. If anybody has hunted a Barroth, you probably immediately knew what I meant with "A Stick in the Mud!" in the title for this post."

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Myst2988d ago

I stopped playing after getting my Deviljho armor and pretty much half of Alatreon's if I wanted to go back and get the rest it'd be easy. I guess I'll probably go back this Friday and play a little bit just for kicks.

CoffeewithChess2988d ago

have you played?
I'm right about 60 hours in, and only around HR(hunter rank) 15 online.

I'm trying to finish the single-player campaign quests, before going back online...don't know if that will happen though.