Capcom One Step Closer to Destroying its Demons

Capcom really needed this boost, both in sales and in confidence. It's been a tough run for the Japanese based team over the past year or so, with disappointing sales in almost every game, including the much hyped (and expensive to produce) Lost Planet 2. It seems that the only games that Capcom releases have to say the words "Street" and "Fighter for it to make it mainstream....

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lostinplace2966d ago

Capcom needs to step it up. I was left very disappointed by Lost Planet 2 and so far Dead Rising 2

Godmars2902966d ago

Hell, I'm disappointed in Megaman Universe.

Edward-Kraken2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Played it already? Tell me about it. -_-'

Dragun6192966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Yeah, but the graphics were really a let down.

Bionic Commando, Dark Void, Lost Planet 2 were really disappointing.
Capcom's decision to use Western Developers isn't working for them at all. And Only the Fighting division for Capcom is the only thing thats good. Marvel vs Capcom 3 & Street Fighter X Tekken.

Hopefully, RE6 and DMC5 will be good or else Capcom is just losing its touch.
Maybe a new Breath of Fire title may help Capcom?

Godmars2902966d ago

If the trailer is anything to go by, we've all played it before. The only difference is we didn't have the option to play as American box art Megaman.

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NYC_Gamer2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Capcom still needs to prove themselves

frankymv2966d ago

what the hell happened to capcom this gen?

Kain812966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

What happend to Japanes Devs in general this gen look at Square-Enix, Namco-Bandai, Konami and Capcom...the only devs/publishers that have not changed are LEVEL 5 and Atlus...

dredgewalker2966d ago

They all got too greedy for their own good. I guess the bad economy led them to making drastic decisions that haunt them today. Capcom and SE are shadows of their former selves. I used to get so excited whenever they released a game and bought them without relying on reviews, now I always feel apprehensive before buying their games.

Baka-akaB2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

they tried to appeal to western gamers , like ironically everyone here and a few places kept saying they should , with their "the west is da bomb and the japanese market isnt enough" opinion pieces .

Hell look at inafune , he kept making the same argument , and yet hasnt produced anything of note this gen ... a resident evil that indeed sold but pisses off many , a subpar lost planet 2 underselling , and a ead rising 2 whose fate is still up in the air .

As a result outside of a few fan favorites , they just burned their japanese bridges , while making no subsantial foray in the west , and producing plenty crap .

Titanz2966d ago

I thought they'd blame Nintendo for Monster Tri sales.

Oh wait! MHT sales are pushing 1mil+ so I guess we all can forget about that theory...

Seferoth752966d ago

No its their HD games but of course no one is going to blame the console it is like they would with Wii.

Unicron2966d ago

They need to start putting gameplay before visuals. Like, now.

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The story is too old to be commented.