Videogamer: Lucha Fury First Look Preview

Videogamer writes: "A few months ago, I hadn't the foggiest idea what Lucha Libre was. A Spanish dish? A style of dance? A type of cheese? I hadn't a clue. I suppose I could have worked out that it was Mexican, whatever it turned out to be, but that was the extent of my understanding. Today, after a press trip and some extensive research into the area (read: five minutes of wikipedia'ing), I know all there is to know on the subject. Well, the key points at least. To relay this new found knowledge to you (in case you find yourself in the same state of bewilderment I did), Lucha Libre is a Mexican style of wrestling with a fetish for masks. To translate from the Spanish, the term literally means 'free wrestling' or 'free fighting', and incorporates a variety of moves mostly characterised by holds".

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