ESRB Details Rock of the Dead for PS3

The ESRB has rated zombie game Rock of the Dead for PlayStation 3.

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Nike2987d ago

Do i actually get to friggin kill zombies by ripping insane shreds on a friggin guitar?

If so, then Game of the Year. Confirmed. :D

Quagmire2987d ago

Lame. Brutal Legend did it first, and it also had Jack Black. Nuff Said.

danmachine2987d ago

i want a LBP2 beta email, still havn't gotten one. :'(

lightningsax2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

What a simple, fun, and ridiculous concept! Why didn't I think of that?

If you haven't played Typing of the Dead before, find a way to play it. Compatibility modes on PC or whatever. TOTD was awesome, partially because it's the most fun you'll ever have learning how to type (Mario has nothing on zombies in this case), and partially because it's hilariously absurd. Just like this one promises to be.

I know that it sounds stupid at first - if you don't know where this is coming from - but I can't wait!

gaffyh2987d ago

Yeah it's basically typing of the dead, but with rock band or guitar hero instruments I'm guessing.

2987d ago
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