Sony taps instant message crowd

Sony is to release a wireless-enabled, handheld device aimed at young people who use instant messaging (IM).
The pocked-sized gadget, called the mylo, will sell for about $350 (£183), according to the Associated Press.

It has a small display and keyboard and is pitched at the young, mainstream market who use IM and are interested in making net telephone calls.

Sony has formed a partnership with Skype for net phone calls and with Yahoo and Google for instant messaging.

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Marriot VP5392d ago

holy crap, 350$ bucks instead of getting a cell phone and a year of service for a lot less.

LAWMAN5392d ago

What service do you have? There's no way an average person pays less than $350 for a year contract. I would say that on average, a person pays $45/month in cell phone use. Even if you pay only $20/month, that's still $240/year plus the cost of the phone, activation fee, mobile taxes, etc.

I know this thing is just an internet phone, and admittedly that's way different than a cell phone, but $350 doesn't seem that outrageous. Especially when you take into account the included 1gb of memory.

Nevertheless, I don't think this thing will take off. If the target consumer are teenagers, I think people will rather go with the PSP. . .

highps35392d ago

This design should have been the PSP, I like this a lot better and it has a keyboard.

Looks more comfy though.

To expensive for most though. Granted most phones once you are in a contract are this much anyhow... Cant believe its targetted towards teens. Their marketting department sucks...

Marty83705392d ago

This is way better styled than M$ 'Zune'.

Fuzz McDeath5392d ago (Edited 5392d ago )

...are you really trying to compare an IM device to a portable digital music player? That's like saying Sony's Bravia TV is much better styled that the Honda Accord....apples and oranges buddy. By the way, did you get your Sony royalty check this month?

Though to be fair, the source article is the one who mentions Zune as a competitor for this product - which is stupid on their part. My cell phone plays music and video, does that make it a competitor of the PSP? Dont' think so. Not to say MS under the Zune brand won't eventually release a huge device with a large screen and keyboard, but until it does, they're not really in the same ballpark even. Sounds like Sony is ripping its customers by pulling features originally destined for the PSP so they can sell you a second device (why give you the milk for free when they can sell you the cow).

Personally, I like my devices separate. I don't want to carry around a device the size of a sandwich that can do everything...I like my music player small and truly portable (Nano) my phone is used almost only for calls, and if I wanna watch tv or a movie, I'll go home and do so on either my 50' toshi or 40" Samsung...

specialguest5392d ago

this is painfully overpriced. i already have a PSP, why not just add a mini keyboard for the psp? this one i definately disagree on.

Fuzz McDeath5392d ago

..then you'd have no reason to by the Mylo...

"why give you the milk for free when they can sell you the cow"

BIadestarX5392d ago

Don't forget your will have to have broadband ($49/$59/month) wireless internet connection to use it or take a trip to macdonals or hotspot. I hope you was not thinking that you can use it everywhere...

LAWMAN5392d ago

Of course one has to take all that into account. That's why I said that cell phones and internet phones are very much different. The point I was trying to make is that $350 is not all that unreasonable when taking into perspective what people already pay for (iPods, cell phones, PSP's, etc).

Also, "hot spots" are not very difficult to find. There are even some cities that implemented a plan where you can go anywhere and get online - free of charge.

Again, I have a PSP and would rather stick to that anyway as I can send email with it.

BIadestarX5392d ago

I think that if you have enough money to pay for this $350 that means you have wi-fi at home; which also means you have a PC so you wouldn’t need this. And if you have to hunt for a hotspot to send an instant msg to a friend then you probably don't have the money to pay $350.

"Again, I have a PSP and would rather stick to that anyway as I can send email with it. " I agree.

I think this will work in 5-10 years when wireless internet will be available beyond hotspots.

andy capps5392d ago

I'm not interested in this device. I think it's just Sony testing the waters to see how it sells and if people like the concept. Maybe they're trying to see if people like it and then integrate it into the next iteration of PSP.

The concept is cool, but it's too far before it's time. If wireless internet were everywhere, this would be a sweet device.

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