Mad Tracks delayed to include Live multiplayer

Denis Bourdain, VP of Mad Tracks developer Load Inc., told Xboxic the exclusive news today that together with Microsoft they have decided to give the gamers exactly what they would've preferred to do all along: to make this not only the best Xbox Live Arcade party game for home multiplayer, but also for online Xbox Live multiplayer. The reason for initially not including it was simply a combination of time, money and technical difficulties, with the PC version's LAN code having to be rewritten from the ground up to be able to run over Xbox Live, but the decision is final now that they will do exactly that despite the several months delay it will cause.

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BIadestarX5385d ago

I prefer this game to be delay than to be released without Live multiplayer. I already made up my mind I was not going to buy this without Live multiplayer. I guess they will have my money after all.

JPomper5384d ago

Of all the reasons for this game to be delayed, this is the best.