90° Apache: Air Assault Impressions "Despite the likes of Call of Duty and Medal of Honour falling over themselves to include helicopter sections, there's hasn't been a dedicated helicopter sim on this generation of consoles yet. I didn't realise that before an Activision rep pointed it out to me. Presumably that means there's a load of you out there who can't wait to jump in the cockpit and unleash some Hellfire missiles on unsuspecting bad guys."

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JDouglasGU2967d ago

making a game just for the sake of making it isn't generally the best foundation to work from.

N4GAddict2967d ago

Activision is purely evil

mephman2967d ago

It's because they're purely a business.

SeanRL2967d ago

A purely evil business.

jerethdagryphon2967d ago

there boring to fly and fiddly

N4GAddict2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

That's too bad. The concept was interesting.

big_silky2967d ago

I wish more devs would fill gaps in the game library, god knows they're big enough to drive a truck through this gen.

2967d ago
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