PlayStation Move - Video shows Demo Disc

Video shows European PlayStation Move Starter-Kit Demo Disc Menu.

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Sheikh Yerbouti2990d ago

I'm only interested in echochrome ii thus far. Beatsketcher doesn't seem like very much, but I'm going to keep an open mind. The rest of the titles are pretty meh.

I hope there will be more demos on the PSN when Move is released. Perhaps demos of a Move enabled Heavy Rain, Socom or even a measly Under Siege.

Lacky2990d ago

so you have to install the demos to play them? kind of stupid if it is that way..

DarkFantasy2990d ago

you have to install demos that you download on psn... you have to install games too,what where you expecting ? LMAO

WhittO2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

I would still expect not to have to install each game onto the HDD if it came on a demo disk tbh..

Installing data for a FULL game makes more sense, installing from a download still doesn't make much sense to me anyway haha

Sheikh Yerbouti2990d ago

Is it a disc or is it a voucher with a code on it? That's the way they do it nowadays yo!? Cheaper and means more money for drug addled hookers and hooch.

WhittO2990d ago

No it specifically says demo disk..

It's what's included with the Move pack in Europe too.

Jeremy Gerard2990d ago ShowReplies(1)
N4GAddict2990d ago

Are these downlaodable from the PS Store?

Sneak-Out2990d ago

Yes, the Demos on the Disc must be all install and all demos will be also available over the PlayStation Store

Blackcanary2990d ago

Can't wait the 17th of September can't come soon enough i wanna be able to play my sly collection with PS Move.