F1 2010 review - another 90% zooms in

So, F1 2010 is pretty good, then. After it rocked Official PlayStation Magazine's socks to the point of a 9/10 review, GamesMaster has now given its verdict - and it's more good news for Codemasters.

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ian722964d ago

Great. Looking forward to trying this game out, will be buying it first day of release. Also looking forward to GT5 and NFS.

EvilBlackCat2964d ago

and then 1 year later gt5

comp_ali2964d ago

Looks great. And for 35$ on steam I think it is very interesting

Hoje03082964d ago

I've been waiting for a good F1 game for years. Two more weeks!!

P.S. See you guys online. You'll know it's me when you get passed by Schumi.

JBroken2964d ago

Not unreleased soon to be vapourware

juniordee2964d ago

GT5 vaporware? Seriously?

Takoulya2964d ago

Lol, you really are delusional, aren't you? The games gone gold. It's going to be released. I see your fanboy senses are doing your best to keep you in denial.

Xx Ziyad xX2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Forza 3 no doubt.. i cant see another race game will be higher then Forza 3 opinion

ArcticWolfUK2964d ago

forza sucks dont waste your money, burnout paradise, race driver grid, gt5p are the best racers this gen soon to be gt5 hopefully

Xx Ziyad xX2964d ago

sucks ? why suck give me one reason to call best sim race game this gen its suck .. oh wait u dont have Xbox 360 u just Fanboy trolling.

BadKarmaSutra962964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

The single player campaign in Forza 3 put me to sleep. The AI cars are not even close to competative if you build your car to the top of race class. Even the race cars can have their restrictor plates removed to dominate in the R classes. Even on the hardest difficulty the AI cars can only keep up with me up to the first corner and then it's back to ZZZZZzzzzzzz....

Note: I'm still playing it occasionally to get the last achievement for beating every race series in the game.

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kaveti66162964d ago

So far, Forza 3, but I think GT5 will be rated higher in November.

chadwarden2964d ago

The sales for this game will suffer thanks to GT5.

Letros2964d ago

Didn't stop me from pre-ordering on Steam($36 price tag helps!), some people are obsessed with racing games, and having this a whole month before GT5 is great for me, not to mention F1 is a completely diff experience from Grand Touring anyway...

Hoje03082964d ago

Fans of F1 will buy this while GT fans will obviously be buying GT5. Myself, I'll be buying both. :)

Jake3602964d ago

Nah, not at all. I'll be getting both but because F1 is so specialised i don't think it'll suffer, mainly because of the unique career mode.

buddman2964d ago

It's a racing game by codemasters... nuff said

earbus2964d ago

Ilove racing games dont sprout off about prologue or as i call it turdlog no sense of speed 200 km feels the same as 20 km rolling starts were awfull as far as ps3 goes ferrari and supercar drive rings around boglog but f1 i want to run hammilton into a wall with alonso and take webber to victory lol wrc also looks great so far f1 , wrc then gt5 when price drops or get a 2nd hand copy only 40% through forza 3 its so long that game but butter smooth.