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GameInformer: "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions lands just shy of being the full package, but it delivers a non-stop action ride with something new around every corner. Though its story leaves something to be desired, it’s one of the best Spider-Man titles in recent memory, if not the best Spider-Man title to date."

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Brewski0075040d ago

I was hoping this game would get good reviews. This will really help the spidey franchise. Might rent it to try it out. Heres hoping it goes down well.
Gotta love the friendly neighbor hood spiderman !

PS3Freak5040d ago (Edited 5040d ago )

Superhero games seem to flourish, when they are not tied down by a movie. With the exception of Spiderman 2 of course, that gave was awesome.

Valay5040d ago

The game doesn't...Suck? According to Game Informer at least.

belal5040d ago

is the game open world or is it linear? or is it more like the new batman game?

Montrealien5039d ago

it is as cookie cutter linear as it can get. I do not like it at all.

spektical5040d ago

great score... but still not sold, need more reviews.. maybe i'll try out the demo at best buy.

interrergator5040d ago

wtf u depend on reviews to buy games thats sad

MisterNiwa5040d ago

Well for many titles it is the best to go according to the reviews.

Because going to buy it and then end up dissapointed is not better than reading a good review that tells you why you shouldnt buy it.

troncoparati5040d ago

Sad would be wasting sixty bucks on a disappointing game.

zireno5040d ago

that's not sad at all, a good reviewer gives you the pros and cons of a game, and if they knock down points on some areas that you don't consider a big deal then you can go and enjoy the game, everyone should take a minute and read a couple reviews, then use their brains and figure out if it's a buy, rent or pass, not depend solely on reviews but on their own perspective also, kid of 30% reviews 70% own judgement.

interrergator5040d ago

well i go the way wen u look at a game and see gameplay i go buy it if its that sweet

LeonSKennedy4Life5040d ago


I'm so glad it's getting good scores! I can't wait!