Halo Reach: First Ever Multiplayer LAN Game | Map: Asylum

Here is some brand new gameplay of the full retail version of halo reach. Playing on a LAN Connection. On the map Asylum

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MGRogue20172963d ago

I like the subtle Motion Blur :P

kaveti66162963d ago

Other games have just as much motion blur, enkei. I don't want to be "that guy" to compare games.

pustulio2963d ago

What i like is how he moves the camera around like "a pro" and then he proceeds to fail the 4 sniper shots.

RedSoakedSponge2963d ago

if you dont want to be "that guy", then why did you bring it up? lol

Roozium2963d ago


It's called "ogre twitching" and sometimes, even the best can fail with the sniper. Fragtality is a known player and is a big deal in the MLG community.

pustulio2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )


Well MLG sucks and this guy clearly sucks, missing sniper shots all the time, throwing nades 30 ft away from the enemy, horrible DMR, the other guy escapes then he goes after him just to get owned, at some point he throws a grenade to himself.

Clearly a Pro with his "ogre twitching".

I can't say anything about the other guy but well he lost against Anestet1k(w/e) so... :/

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getonmylev3l2963d ago

Can't a guy just say he likes motion blur without you jumpin on his ass about other video games.

jannytime2963d ago

Is it me or or is the layout of this map the same as sanctuary from halo 2?

matt19912963d ago

Its the same its just made from Forge

Garrus_Vakarian2962d ago

It is Sanctuary from Halo 2.

BannedForNineYears2963d ago

This is on the original Xbox, right?
I was wondering why the graphics looked like Halo 2...

wray772963d ago

You do know they stopped making games for the original xbox rite?

BannedForNineYears2963d ago

[email protected] you guys getting offended because I made fun of your Haloz series.

And you can't say the same thing about Twisted Metal, considering it comes out in ~1 year.

-sigh-, that was fun.

Halochampian2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

if so.. then the xbox was making better looking games than most ps3/360 games.


yea i know. Jokes are stale on n4g. Too unoriginal and predictable.

mzm1192963d ago

I'm guessing he was just making a joke about the game.

Bloodraid2963d ago

I could easily say the same about Twisted Metal... Who gives a fuck about what a game looks like. It's about the gameplay.

People these days are too stuck on graphics to care about gameplay these days; and it's absolutely sad. I'm almost ashamed to call myself a gamer because of people like you.

Halochampian2963d ago

7 more days. I cant wait.

Asylum... love the name choice. Since it is the a sanctuary remake

qadsia1232963d ago


You do know what sarcasm is RITE?

wray772963d ago

I'm not being sarscastic. The last game for the original xbox was halo 2, actually.

mzm1192963d ago

qadsia123 was implying that harrykid32 was being sarcastic which, it would seem, you failed to pick up because of your response.

if you need further help navigating these tricky comments, let me know.

kaveti66162963d ago

Halo 2 wasn't the last game on the xbox.

BannedForNineYears2963d ago

-sigh-......This is the IQ of a Halo fanboy.

wray772963d ago

And what may I ask does my imotional quotient have to do with this?

kaveti66162963d ago

"And what may I ask does my imotional quotient have to do with this?"

No. You have to be joking.

BannedForNineYears2963d ago

[email protected] people disagree with me and then my point gets proven one comment later!

"And what may I ask does my imotional quotient have to do with this?"
THIS!!!!!! Is the IQ of a Halo fanboy!
Sigh, 360 fanboys.........So blind......Just so blind.

RedSoakedSponge2963d ago

ALL fanboys are dumb. ps3 fanboys are EXACTLY the same as 360 fanboys. Im sick of all of you retarded fanboys. Enjoy a game for what it is!! NOT for which console it is on. Faggots.

wray772962d ago

For the record harry, I'm just messing with you :) But it was nice to watch you be so convinced of your superiority.

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