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Xbox Live Arcade is home to a lot of unique titles of all types of genres. The Spawn Kill crew fished for each of one of our favorite picks available on the marketplace that we’d recommend to our readers. There’s a little something for everyone out there so check out our list of XBLA favorites and let us know what your favorite is!

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theherp802990d ago

there arent that many xbla titles out there that i personally would say are that great but there are enough out there to make this decision a difficult one.

Yi-Long2990d ago

- Trials HD. Amazing game and extreme replay-value.
- Battlefield 1943. Classic.
- Defense Grid. Probably the best tower-defence game on XBLA. a bunch of other.

Heart1lly2990d ago

Well, if you wrote for our website then yeah, one of those would have been on the list :P But we could only pick one favorite.

coolbeans2989d ago

XBLA has the biggest arcade library on consoles

Heart1lly2989d ago

Haha pretty much is. That's why I thought this was the most difficult pick of all.

Heart1lly2990d ago

I had a really hard time picking this time!

KiRBY30002990d ago

Braid and Limbo should have been mentionned too.

Heart1lly2990d ago

These aren't "Top 7 of All Time in General." This is just a list of our personal favorites...not to be confused with a top 10 list or anything like that.

KiRBY30002990d ago

yeah I know. but out of 7 people, you would think any of them would mention these games. they're that good.

DirtyLary2990d ago

Monday Night Combat.

Best game on XBL in a long time.

Blaze9292990d ago

Shadow Complex is hands down my favorite XBLA title. Simply amazing. Following would be:

Alien Hominid HD
Perfect Dark
1 vs 100

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The story is too old to be commented.