Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions review (Gladriel.com)

Gladriel.com: "In this latest rendition of the classic Spider-Man comics, we step into the suits of not one, but four different versions of Spider-Man. The story is also set in four dramatically different dimensions that run parallel with each other, each one including a distinct Spider-Man armed with unique skills and strengths, and it all moves in one original storyline."

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tinezedw5032d ago

Haven't bough a game since RDR,think i'll get this.

Neo Nugget5032d ago

Hope it doesn't disappoint!

JohnApocalypse5032d ago

I was expecting scores like this for Shattered Dimensions

Amiroo5032d ago

i really hate Spiderman video games but this one was great 4 version of spider man and 4 type of gameplay , like stealth & beat em up . graphic looks like borderlands and great gameplay specialy with Noir Spiderman.
Noir gameplay is much looks like Batman Arkham Asylum


I’d Die For A Web-Slinging Spider-Verse Game in the Same Visual Style As the Animated Films

TW: “With the recent release of the sequel film, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, I’ve been revisiting the astounding world of the Spider-Verse, enjoying both the prequel and the new sequel film in all their glory; and it’s led me to ask one question — why the hell isn’t there a Spider-Verse game?”

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blackblades366d ago

Didn't they already have that as a costume in the previous game.

purple101365d ago

There sure was a super sweet looking cell shaded suit. Made you feel like your actually playing a comic.

shinoff2183365d ago

The look is perfect we got enough games in that art style.

S2Killinit364d ago

It would still be sick though. And I dont mean cell shading to cut corners. It would have to be amazing like the movies themselves.

potatoseal365d ago

I too would like a whole game with the entire world looking like the animated movie. It could be awesome

jznrpg365d ago

I like this style better imo

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NecrumOddBoy1864d ago

Bill Clinton and the Beastie Boys in NBA Jam on SNES

1862d ago

Looking Back at Beenox’s History of Spider-Man games with studio co-head Thomas Wilson

Before Insomniac, there was Beenox; the studio reminisces on Shattered Dimensions, Edge of Time, and more

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CarlDechance2104d ago

"I only wish we had five years on any one of the Spider-Man games we made!"

Well, you don't have to work for Activision ya know. But yeah, they did a fair job considering the limited resources and well....Activision.

PhoenixUp2104d ago

TASM2 was like the last superhero movie that had a movie tie-in game accompanying it