GameBlurb: Spider-Man - Shattered Dimensions Review

Rocksteady Studios Batman: Arkham Asylum proved that comic book characters can make AAA game franchises when developed in the right hands. The question is, can Beenox do the same thing with the Spider-Man franchise in Shattered Dimensions?

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junk3d5032d ago

Picking this one up tomorrow fo-sho!

MicroSony4Life5032d ago

The need for blood and violence is mostly needed.

badz1495032d ago

I hate AV even more. so...no buy for me plus the review said there's really no emphasis on STORY just a generic one at that.

Minimox165032d ago

I agreed with you, damn craptivision... :( why AV you change so much since PSone era...

Elven65031d ago

Kotick has been with the company since 1995 when he saved it from nearly shutting down for good...

OT: I'll be picking up Shattered Dimensions soon, seems pretty ambitious and the devs could use some support.

MicrocutsX25032d ago

I think I'll give this game a chance. I haven't looked forward to a Spider-Man game like this since Spider-Man for the Dreamcast.

thekillerchrist5032d ago

me too. that was the last game i played. it had a good comic book feel to it and i think this may do something similar.

Kiroe5032d ago

Being a Spider-Man fan it looks like they did the characters and worlds justice. The screenshot of the Electro boss battle looks great!

liquidxtension5032d ago

I think I might actually pcik this up.

MrLife5032d ago

This game is awesome. Take this from someone who knows.

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I’d Die For A Web-Slinging Spider-Verse Game in the Same Visual Style As the Animated Films

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blackblades366d ago

Didn't they already have that as a costume in the previous game.

purple101366d ago

There sure was a super sweet looking cell shaded suit. Made you feel like your actually playing a comic.