EA backs Wayne Rooney

Video games publisher EA says that Manchester United and England football star Wayne Rooney will continue to represent the EA Sports brand.

The Sunday Mirror claimed yesterday that the sportsman, who is the cover star of the UK version of FIFA 11, had a string of encounters with a prostitute while his famous wife Coleen was pregnant with the pair’s child.

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il-mouzer2991d ago

no need for the press and media to get into personal matters of others

all this gossip makes me think about how sad another's life is

Venatus-Deus2991d ago

He's 24, earns £100k a week and plays for England. Nothing sad about his life.

Brewski0072991d ago

Well WAGs are essentially glorified hookers also so I really dont think that his wife will be too distraught.
Footballers like him dont deserve near as much as what he's on. He's a good footballer but they're all over-paid and act like spoiled brats when shit dont go their way.

zootang2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

He's 24, earns £100k a week and plays for Manchester United. Nothing sad about his life.

England? pfft! I gave up on England when they took Upson, Carragher over 2 time Champions league winner Wes Brown. Not to mention playing won nothing Barry over Carrick!

Yi-Long2991d ago

... we don't. So we don't really care all that much if Rooney or Tiger Woods or Kobe Bryant are cheating on their rich golddiger-wifes.

We just care about if the game is good or not.

That said, it would be nice if the EA website would just allow everyone to easily create their own custom game-sleeve, so they can print that out and use it instead of the original one.

acky12991d ago

Why is his wife Coleen described as "his famous wife Coleen"? She is only famous because of Rooney, that is not fame.

To be fair, he has to find ways of getting rid of all that dosh and what better way than giving it straight into the hands of the less fortunate... for a service of course.

il-mouzer2991d ago

ie: the gossipers life ;)

squelchy152991d ago

"I gave up on England when they took Upson, Carragher over 2 time Champions league winner Wes Brown. Not to mention playing won nothing Barry over Carrick!"

Just because players have won the Champs league doesn't highlight that players individual talent...It IS a team effort after all..

Wes Brown is shit and Barry is better than Carrick. Are you a typical Manure fan where their players are better than anyone elses? oh and not to mention EVEN FROM MANCHESTER like most of their glory hunting fans aren't.

zootang2991d ago


Barry better than Carrick?! Carrick passed us into the Champions League final 2 years running. What has Barry done for City? lol. Oh yeah thats right, they couldn't even get into the top 4. IMO Huddlestone is better than Barry. Look where Tottenham ended up last year, top 4! You need a quality midfield to do that, Barry is not a quality midfielder.

Wes Brown, trained and played with the likes of Stam, Ferdinand, Vidic and Laurent Blanc who all rate him. So I am to believe you over some of the best Centre Backs ever? lol.

Say what you want about Man Utd fans, it just makes you look bitter. A fan is a fan! BTW Manchester Born and Bred, lol. (check my post history I'm proud to be a Manc!)

Tomdc2991d ago

Glorified hookers? Who the hell do you think you are?! Coleen and Rooney are childhood sweethearts and she made a great career for herself in business that had nought to do with Rooney.

I'd say your more of a hooker cos your intelligence levels are clearly in line with one.

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PopEmUp2991d ago

il-mouzer's life is actually the sad one here :)

Mr PS32991d ago

The Tart hes been payin £1000 a night for

PopEmUp2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

if you're rich 1k doesn't meant shit

AstroZombie12991d ago

These guys earn shedloads yet we see them in the gossip mags every other week, heck i'd settle for £5,00 a week.

steviebhoy2991d ago

Rooonney rooney rooney, i thought if you were a top footballer, you had girls flinging themselves at you, but not our wayne he pays 1200 quid for it, but by god the boy can play.

DelbertGrady2991d ago

He's such a whoremonger. The new Gazza. When he was 16 he paid to have sex with a 48 year old granny. Not to anyones surprise. F*ckin knacker lol.

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