Digital Hippos Review: Beat Hazard

Beat Hazard falls into the small but growing category of games that use music as a dynamic source of information for level design. The number of notable releases in this category can be counted on one hand (Vib Ribbon, Phase, and Audiosurf) and each one takes its own approach. With Beat Hazard, Cold Beam Games has given us a one-screen 2-D shoot-em-up that has as many unique levels as you have songs in your music library. Boot the game up, give it a song, and you’ll instantly have asteroids, gunships, power-ups, and a hell of a lot of brightly colored lights. Other than a minor problem for those who use get their music from iTunes, Beat Hazard delivers an incredibly fun game that demonstrates just how much creativity and promise there is for independent developers in the dawning age of digital distribution.

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