Nintendo Enemies You Should Never Underestimate

When it comes to Nintendo Games, everyone knows about the big guys. Ganon, Bowser, and Ridley are all staples of Nintendo villainy that you know you must be ready to face in their respective games.

But what about all the other unsung enemies of Nintendo’s empire of one-dimensional evil creatures? Well, most of them deserve that status of being forgettable. But there are few that should never be judged based on their appearances.

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Xanatos20002965d ago


I hated that damn cave because of Zubats.

Mastersnake102965d ago

Needs moar Lakitu.

I laughed at Star Foxes Bridges though. I don't think I've ever cleared one cleanly.

Valay2965d ago

Skull Kid turned out to be nice in the end!

ZombieNinjaPanda2964d ago

This article was, just great.

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