Virtua Fighter 5 Online Hands-On

What happens when Sega's premiere fighter meets the Internet? Gamespot's got an exclusive hands-on to discover the answer.

"We tried a few matches, and, with our total hypersensitivity to lag, of course we noticed it. However, what we experienced wasn't game-breaking. It's definitely there, but it's possible to compensate for it. We had some issues initially timing our counters with Aoi, but after a bit it was possible to get used to the latency. We reckon players who favor Akira will be having some fun times pulling of SPOD combos, but it also seems like a doable thing once you get used to how the game plays online. Your mileage will of course vary with lag, depending on your proximity to your opponents and the quality of everyone's connections."

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SuperSaiyan45219d ago

At least its nowhere as bad as the Street Fighter games that were online on the old Xbox now that was LAG and really bad!

This game is looking very promising with IMPROVED VISUALS and other things like ONLINE PLAY!

Jump in ;-)

omfg_1115219d ago

tekken 5 : dr has a better online play ...

CG5219d ago

You've got sony tatoo'd on your forehead and a cell chip up your ass so who cares what you think.

darkequitus5219d ago

Yes because you have played VF5 online- pratt

xfrgtr5219d ago

hehehehehehehehehehehehehe,poo r xbots,SEGA has said that LAG WILL BE AN ISSUE to play this game online

sajj3165219d ago

I've said it before, its too important that fighting games do not have lag. The last thing I want to do is adjust my timing for lag vs non-lag matches. I use Akira religiously and rely on the SPOD. I've been working on perfecting that move since VF3 on the Dreamcast.

Anyway, I've got VF5 on my PS3. 360 owners enjoy the game. Enjoy the lag. Any VF fan can tell you that this game requires split second timing. More so than Tekken and DOA.

darkequitus5219d ago

So what if there is lag. If it is no good, just play the offline game. You are an idiot. You act as if online is the only mode available. Why not engage your brain before you post anything? Or are you simply brain-damaged and cannot help it?

Bnet3435219d ago

If both people have good connection, the game is playable online.

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