PS3: It Only Does Tales

When Namco Bandai revealed in late July that they were bringing not just the newest Tales title to the PS3, but a port of the recently-released Tales of Graces to the console as well, with nary another platform in sight. Many were left wondering what this meant for the series, which since Tales of the Abyss has been jumping around from platform to platform with its mothership titles. If you follow the sales figures however, it starts to become very clear what Namco Bandai's aims are and what effect they have on both the Eastern and Western releases of the games.

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Sanrin3017d ago

Or people who like Tales. They dont send those games here enough.

Dragun6193017d ago

I agree with the article, after trying to spread to other platforms and failing to recreating the success they found in the years on the playstation 1&2. They're now shifting their primary platform to the Playstation brand in hopes to recover their fanbase they had on the Playstation.

Now they have Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Graces F, the next Tales of for PS3 while they have spin offs and Remakes like Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X and Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 for PSP.
I hope NamcoBandai eventually will bring theses titles to the West.

FarEastOrient3017d ago

I'm still waiting for the English version on the completed Vesperia... My Japanese isn't perfect so I'm missing a geat deal of dialogue playing through the Japanese PS3 version of the game.

fatstarr3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

I disagree with the article as well.
tales of symphonia was like the most successful taLES of game of all time even if the article tells you i have to say it again.
1 the release was screwed and people still bought the game
used and off word of mouth. I got it early and got at least 20 people in my school to buy rent or get a used copy or borrow my copy. still never got disk 1 back. TOS actually got me hooked to the series.I hope the new one for the wii comes out. because those are dam good numbers considering the series never sold over 2mill or even 1mill 300k is pretty dam good imo. goldensun did better though because they did something right. namco wont bring the titles to the west with commercials they just send it west for the geeks and otakus that are fanboys for the series like me. And that is why they will never sell epic numbers. hopefully this ps thing works because i wont buy it until they put it on the original system even if it sells 10k copies on the wii its still 10k with no marketing which is a good feat.

tinybigman3017d ago

the series does better on PS brand. i'm still waiting for the full version of TOV here in the states. i already finished it on 360 but feel cheated out of all that content i missed.

Chris3993017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Goes to show to platform exclusives aren't always a bad thing. Whoring your IP around (unless it's FF or DQ) can dilute the strength of the franchise. Very true too, when you're talking about niche games. They develop a specific audience that is used to a series on a particular platform. Mix that up, and they A.) try it on another platform or B.) move onto another IP.

Seems that Tales doesn't have the same gravitas as the other major JRPGs. They should have just left the series where it was and cultured the fanbase. As it is, people are just confused.

And yeah, like you tinybigman, I played Vesperia on the 360. I was a bit miffed when it was announced for the PS3 with extra content and even more ruffled when it looked like Namco didn't give a $h!t about releasing the "complete" version in the West. They've bungled the series about as bad as one can bungle it.

tinybigman3017d ago

i don't understand why the completed version isn't being released to the US.

mephman3017d ago

I don't really know why they tried to push the 360 anyway, aside from the obvious financial incentives. I guess this is a lesson to publishers though.

ShawnCollier3017d ago

IIRC, they partially did it because Microsoft was giving them dev kits earlier than Sony was, plus they probably got some money to have a temporary exclusive release.

Also probably helped jump start their PS3 development tools I'd imagine.

silvacrest3017d ago

are the obvious financial benifits more then they would have gotten from pure sales to the correct (PS3) fanbase?

if vesperia was a PS3 exclusive, advertised a bit and released world wide day and date i think the sales could have been way better

ShawnCollier3017d ago

@silvacrest: Vesperia 360 was around the time Namdai started putting mothership titles everywhere, so I guess they hadn't gotten enough data to realize it was a bad move.

MGRogue20173017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

... Wouldn't it be cool if PS3 could read books to you?

Just something I thought of just now from reading the title.. lol

Denethor_II3017d ago

Download an audio book an play it on your PS3. What part of the statement 'It only does everything' didn't you understand.

hot-sauce3017d ago

lol man that was a good 1

WoshJills3016d ago

Also: Lol @ audiobooks on ps3: for the individual who will be sitting in one spot for an extended period of time, enjoys books, but doesn't want one.

Bloodraid3017d ago

Uh... it can... They're called audio books.

MetalFreakMike3017d ago

Yeah, but when are they bringing Tales of Vesperia for PS3 to America? I want the extra content they put in it. Still no word when it's coming over.

Odin7773017d ago

Yeah seriously. I mean they already have all the English voice acting and text done from the 360 version aside from the bonus content in the PS3 version but this should already be over here.

ShawnCollier3017d ago

Not saying they can't reuse everything, but some scenes would be changed due to adding in Flynn/Patty. Plus the newly-voiced scenes and the changed skits.

mastiffchild3017d ago

Well seeing as the English actors have done the extra stuff too you have to wonder just what the hell the hold up on the westernised ToV PS3 full version actually is.

N/B seem to have a death wish for the Tales games. Or just hate wersterners playing them these days. Pi55ed off plenty of Japanese gamers who bought a 360 JUST for Vesperia as well looking back-the self same gamers who ended up the only HD console owners in the world unable to play a localised version of FF13 as it goes! I often wonder if MS were just badly advised over the whole jrpg BS exclusive/timed nonsense as it just seems like a daft waste of investment and not even the devs seem to have made much out of it either. God knows who they imagined would win out of it all when the upshot was just going to be games released on the platform with fewest interested gamers on it and then feeling majorly duped when the games surface elsewhere when the exsclusivity runs out after those few bought into the exclusive lie.

Nobody seemed to get a great deal out of all of that nonsense.

ShawnCollier3017d ago

@mastiffchild: Yeah, if it was true that they already voiced all the new stuff it doesn't make any sense why it'd be held back.

You're losing money that way (since they'd likely already have the promotional material done in that case). They don't like to advertise that much so that cost wouldn't add up to that much.

Lavalamp3017d ago

Finally Namco is talking some sense. Building up a fan base on the PS3 is definitely a good sign. A consistent install base means consistent sales = more likely that they'll localize.

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