PlayStation Network could compare to Xbox 360's in the future and why it's not up to par

Post reads: "Let's face it, when we think about the PlayStation Network's online play, the first things that come to mind are...lag and being kicked out of the game due to connectivity. There are great online games to play on the PSN that we only hope for improvement."

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goldensfree3838d ago

n crystal clear voice chat says hello

lol psn is better for gaming than live anyday now for having a nag session with your mom n 6 of her friends live is the way 2 go.

zootang3838d ago

What do you pay for with live that you don't get for free with PSN?

coolstuff3838d ago

As a person who owns both consoles I can honestly say Live is much better. Personally features like Party Chat, Cross Game Chat as well as the Xbox Live interface itself completely transform the experience for me. You might be able to use PSN free but it completely misses the whole social aspect of what online gaming is all about. On Xbox Live I'm constantly in Party Chat talking with all my friends no matter what game they are playing, for me this makes my gaming experience much more fun. On PSN no one really has a mic, and the ones that do don't speak that much. Basically PSN doesn't have the social aspect which makes online gaming so much fun.

I know I will get disagrees for this but I'm just giving my own unbiased opinion

gamingdroid3838d ago

Until the day we start comparing Xbox Live to PSN, then we might see a shift. The other interesting thing in the article is this:

'Epke elaborated that they have been trying to bring their work to the US and Europe, but they have been unsuccessful in the past due to Japan being stubborn, as he says. He continues, "They don’t care much about social media and online gaming. Not many people play online games in Japan, apart from the ones that are into MMO’s. but, as I said, we’re still working on it and we’ll get there eventually. I mean, we know it’s a big deal here in Europe and in the US. And we’re frustrated by the fact that Sony Japan really slows things down.”'

ChineseDemocracy3838d ago

Having used both services, Live definitely has the upper hand---I'm guessing the billions of dollars that consumers dish out might have something to do with that. Microsoft should spend more time focusing on their games, and less time securing "timed-exclusives" and implementing social networks. Games should be the focus, not the other way around. Voice chat? Not a big deal for me.

Mustang300C20123838d ago

Maybe it has to do with the fact that LIVE was on the scene first? That is usually how it works when a product has brought so much features that the other product is playing catchup on. Achievements>Trophies, Broadband only vs PSN on PS2 having 56k and broadband, crossgame chat vs no crossgame chat, standard features vs optional.

Just saying.

J-Killer153838d ago

CoolStuff is 100% correct. It baffles me how Sony fans want PSN to have some of the features Xbox Live has yet believe PSN is better strictly off the fact it's free. PS3 is the only console I own this generation, but even I can't deny the flaws PSN has. I honestly can careless if you delusional fanboys give me 200 disagrees. Do whatever makes you happy.

gamingdroid3838d ago

That is my point!

When we talk about let say Xbox 360 and PS3, the PS3 keep it's own when compared.

You talk about Xbox Live and PSN, and the discussion degenerates to how PSN is catching up with Xbox Lives features!

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ABizzel13838d ago

I agree with coolstuff, but I wouldn't say it's much better.

Live simplifies everything, cross game chat is fine (PS3 doesn't really need this), but the party chat is what I like about live.

PSN isn't far behind Live, but Live is the better experience.

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pippoppow3838d ago

They do not even have 64 player games. They also do not have mod and share support for any games. Also they will not be getting Steamworks in the future. Another other thing even though it is out side the scope of PSN many of those 360 apps, features and more can be accessed directly from the web browser. All for free. For free!

What's funny is many 360 supporters will keep supporting MS even though they hardly have any dedicated servers (any?), low player counts yet they would like a game like that live action Halo commercial and charge even more to play a portion of a game other gamers on all other platforms get to play without an added fee.

Playerz83838d ago

I don't get why everyone, including this joke of writer, has a problem playing games on PSN online. I played Modnation and Uncharted 2 both online last night, and didn't have any lag, and never had any connection errors or drop-outs. Maybe all you haters should check your internet connections instead of blaming something that you get for FREE.

Biggunz3838d ago

Everybody needs to click the link under "Read Full Story>>" and tell them what you think. IMO examiner has the worst, trash stories on N4G just trying to GET DEM HITZ! Does examiner every break actual news?...not that I've seen...I have seen them steal articles from others and write them as their own though...

SilentNegotiator3838d ago

"Let's face it, when we think about the PlayStation Network's online play, the first things that come to mind are...lag and being kicked out of the game due to connectivity"

Not for me. When I think of PSN, the first things I think of is little lag and Uncharted 2.

gamerzBEreal173838d ago

is online gaming about screaming? is it about in game invites? is it about netflix? is it about interface? xmb? music? are is it about playing the game online with a good connection some friends and fun psn has that its all i need and its free and please dont bring up PSplus u get GAMES for money! ur not paying $60 a year for 2 features you use and at that $120 for 2 years and so on

Homicide3837d ago

" psn is better imo, can 360 play 256 players NO. "

Number of players =/= quality of the service. Mag isn't that good, and only about 2 people in the squad have a mic.

AndrewRyan3837d ago

When I log into XBL, I see my real life friends online, I join or invite them to my party and talk about current events while I am playing any game I want to be playing, if it's single player or multiplayer don't matter. Many will disagree because either
A) They are PS3 Fanboys.
B) They just hate microsoft.
C) They have no friends on their friends list.

I myself own a PS3 and a gaming PC, my 360 broke and I fixed it and sold it for my PS3, and that is the only thing I miss, my friends and talking to them no matter what I was doing.

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MartinGlow3837d ago

Did you even read the comment?

lol fail

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ingiomar3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Wait... you don't get a free mic with a PS3?

At least we get a free HDMI cable and a Free mic
and then they say Microsoft is greedy but the truth is every company is just as greedy

If sony ''listens more to its fans'' then why don't you PS3 Fanboys go try convince them to get you free DLC and games monthly and ditch PSN+

Then we'll talk


Well xbox live has better technology.. nobody can ever say that live crashes or lags unless its their own connection fault

Can you send me a link? where did you get that price? as far as i know the official price is $50.. $40 on Amazon $28 for wired and Everybody knows the 360 controller is allot more comfortable then the ps3 controllers only fanboys think the other way around

Seraphemz3838d ago

yeah !! and at least you have to pay another 10 bucks above whay you already pay to play online AND 64 bucks for a controller that doesnt suck !!! YEAH you showed them !!! suckers...

Nitrowolf23838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

i believe they started packing HDMI with PS3, Mic is what they need to start packing, even if they are those cheap PS2 ones. They do pack Mics with some of their games, but they need to do this for the console package.

What does Live offer that PSN doesn't offer?
crossgame chat
and then some social apps like facebook, and radio
is there really anything else? ( i honestly don't know)
i mean cause the cost of a plan to me just doesn't seem like it should be at all that high.


"Well xbox live has better technology.. nobody can ever say that live crashes or lags unless its their own connection fault"
Live has been down multiple times, christmas it has crashed for a week or 2 of 2006 or 07 of 08 this was fixed quickly but it has been down

I really don't know a time when PSN has crashed
Sony usually says when they will have maintence
and that apopcal whatever day wasn't due to PSN

I believe Cliff has stated also that Gears of War 2 did have Lag and that they hope to fix that in Gears 3, idk not sure on that one just going off memory

DasBunker3838d ago

PS official bluetooth isn't like the cheap piece of plastic that comes with the 360... yeah the company with the free online is the greedy one for sure.. dedicated servers on most popular games>XGC anyday

Persistantthug3838d ago

PS3 has had those things and much more for years.

You can access those things on your PS3 away from PSN. Many of PS3's online features are accessed and used away from PSN such as [email protected]

So when comparing, you have to include ALL of PS3's online services, because many of them aren't run through PSN. XBOX's online is run through XBOX LIVE, but PS3 is different.

Schobeleth3838d ago

If there is DLC that adds content to the game, it absolutely can NOT be free on XBL, while developers have the option of doing so on the PSN. Microsoft has complete control over XBL and that's why many developers and publishers have started to shift focus away or go exclusive, because Microsoft is stubborn in their ways now that they think they are kings of the online community.

Many people forget that XBL started years before the PSN, in the previous console generation nonetheless. In my opinion the PSN has grown and changed for the better by vast amounts to be good competition for XBL. The only thing the PSN is missing is a cross game chat/party system and then it will be over.

Also, the fact that PS3s don't come with mics makes me HAPPY because it makes players who actually are good or team players want to take the extra step and get one as opposed to EVERYONE getting a mic and being completely and utterly annoying online, ruining my play session. I've always had horrible experiences on XBL and I've met some morons on the PSN (spawn campers, grievers, poor sports, etc) but for the most part I've met a lot of cool people on the PSN, lots of team players.

This article is seriously biased and has no sourcing. I'd like to know what interview they're citing because that sounds like a BS statement. Sure, the HQ is in Japan but they don't make all the decisions, if they knew anything they'd know that each PSN region has different content and features coming out. Examiner is a joke news site, the only thing they can get right is stuff they copy+paste from press events.

4me23838d ago

I have both PSN and LIVE (used to- expired in March) and I miss cross-chat on PSN.

But The Only Reason I paid for LIVE was to play Online and NOT the other features ...... Again .... to play online games.. everything else is a bonus for which I would not not pay.

From my experience I say that actual quality of online connection is better on PSN (which is the most important feature) . Basically PSN is less lagy, can handle many more players which is important. You can always go from from 256 to 64 to 32 to 16 to 8 but you can't go the other way. I admit that 16 players is kind of sweet spot but very often I find playing 32 and it damn FUN. If I feel like 16 players I can do it, I I want 32 I can do it. Dedicated servers a huge PLUS, seldom lag and no host advantage or host quitting.

On Live you actually have to have fee based GOLD to have any kind of meaningful interaction
-to play online,
-to access free services like Facebook, Twitter,
-to access service that you already paid for ie Netflix and soon Hulu Plus
-Video chat is NOT free (does required GOLD LIVE to do video ... socializing). PSN video chat is free.

"At least we get a free HDMI cable and a Free mic" I did not get HDMI with my XBOX. Regarding Mic and PSN. I can connect to PS3 almost any Bluetooth headset and basically any USB PC headset. So even though mic is not included with PS3 there should be no problem connecting one ... so for people not talking on PS3 that is most likely personal choice. Maybe some , like I am, are tired of that annoying, trash talking people that think winning game is the highlight of their life .... well it is not. I actually choose to whom I talk for both PSN and LIVE (will buy LIVE again when Gear 3 comes out, never cared for Halo).

Playerz83838d ago

I'd rather buy PS3 Bluetooth Wireless headset, than get a crappy wired packaged-in mic with my 360. Sorry, but the PS3 Bluetooth Headset is 10x better than the Xbox's mics.

xAlmostPro3837d ago

lol, no we dont get a headset free.. but what we pay for is wireless bluetooth and much better quality than the buzzy thing you get with the 360..

and i do own both consoles before you deny the truth by calling me a ps3 fanboy..

the fact is, your not paying for those features on Live your actually using them to justify having to pay to play online, the system as far as i know.. and its not less laggy than ps3.. infact ive played gears 2 online live, and halo, and mw2.. and they all lag..

where as this free service thats so crap because it doesnt have cross game chat and avatars on the dash board(although there is home for 3d avatars which take it to a new level).. handles games upto 256 players a match and lag once in a blue moon..

and online play is the main reason live is bought.. nobody picks it up thinking "hmm i want to play online.. but i need to pay..but oh whats that it has superb features i dont know exist yet..OK" lol..

and yes i sound biased, but to be honest i dont care because its facts. Yes Live has features PSN doesnt but psn is highly under rated..


Yes they give you a free headset... But you'll have to pay them 50... Oops, I mean, 60bucks a year for a service that's free everywhere else just put it in use.

Don't get me wrong, I also find Live have better features, specially those that derived from party system being built in to it's software from the ground, so every game supports it, as some other standard features that are optional and not that easy to use on PS3.

But people saying stupid things, making mountains out of anthills about lag (oh like if P2P was that much better, try playing with anyone else than your neighbour), headset (oh great, every annoying kid with a 360 can talk... PS3 work with those cheap USB Headsets too, ever occured to you guys some people simple prefer not using it?), controller preferences (oh, my fingers are symetrical), HDMI cables (I would still prefer playing online for free and only buy a cable once than pay 50 a year), cross game chat (which PS3 HAS, just don't have cross game VOICE chat), custom soundtrack (oh great, why hear the original music or actually listen to the narrative when I can listen crap over it) and anyother DIFFERENCE that don't make up for any VICTORY... It's the exactly same thing from fanboys in the other side of the fence... It's da bluetooth... BIG DAMN DEAL! IR works just as well, as does USB for headsets.

It's all down to preference people, some of you guys need treatment if you can't see this, there is really few things that make difference and point to real better points in any of the consoles. Personally, despite better software integration on 360, I think PS3 is the better console for BD capabilities, free online (even if not the best implemented), more games and more diversified ones... But even thinking that I know I'm not owner of the truth and other people can prefer 360 with very logical reasons. It's like in those stupid comparisons, people nitpick all they can just trying to turn an stupid point into a valid one.

skrug3837d ago

the PS3 has cross game/party chat, it just doesn't have cross game/party VOICE chat.

Homicide3837d ago

" yeah !! and at least you have to pay another 10 bucks above whay you already pay to play online AND 64 bucks for a controller that doesnt suck !!! YEAH you showed them !!! suckers... "

The controller doesn't suck per se; it's one of the best for FPS, better than PS3's, mainly due to the triggers and size.

Also, all you PS3 guys had to upgrade your HDDs due to mandatory installs. Everytime an install story pops up, all you guys say, "well, it's no problem for my" 360 owners don't since installs aren't required.

skrug3837d ago


even if you wanted to install games onto 360, you would have to buy a bigger (overpriced) HDD

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Eiffel3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Crystal clear? My arse. I've got a few friends on PSN whose mic sounds like they're playing in a tunnel. Not everyone purchases most general bluetooth headsets that have quality assurance with the PS3, they just either use those cheap shooty cell phone bluetooth headsets or use those awful plug in PC headsets.

I'm just glad I bought the official headset, but dread for others as their's sounds like shit from my end.

*Disgruntle buzz*

"Oh god my ear! Son of a bitch."

Motorola3838d ago

Thats what you get for buying cheap bluetooths. Sony shud make the Official PS3 bluetooth the only one that works on PS3.... then the quality wud be better

Playerz83838d ago

Sony does have an Official PS3 Bluetooth Wireless Mic. You should look stuff up before talking.

Eiffel3838d ago

Damn eight disagrees? Talk about massive butthurt.

Motorola3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

@Playerz8 I know they have one. I have it, Im just saying its the only one that shud work with the PS3. Youd think Id have a Motorola 1? NAH

Eric Cartman3838d ago

There's a chance you have a problem with your connection. Even the cheapest headsets sound better than what you describe.

xAlmostPro3837d ago

the cheap ass ps3 mics that sound like that have the same quality sound as the free 360 mics tbh, so sony dont produce them.. they let logitech etc make them lol.. but the sonys own mic is great at what it does

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Persistantthug3838d ago

If you are getting lots of disconnects, its your router.

I've had my BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 2 on for 2 straight's still on.

No lag...the only lag I've had was due to EA's servers when the game first launched.....they fixed it btw.

Tanya Valdez should invest in a new router.

Schobeleth3838d ago

That she mentions NOTHING regarding her internet set up, or ISP. She only mentions some issues people were having with Modnation Racers when it launched, and Uncharted 2 having lag so bad she kept getting kicked out of the game. I've never experienced this in Uncharted 2 and I've been playing since launch on both wifi and a direct land line. Maybe she's running off 56k? Oh, wait I mean DSL wifi.

She's been writing video game news articles for two years and still gives no proper citations or reasoning behind her claims, funny.

3838d ago
Redempteur3837d ago

lol jerry .. the "superior" LIVE doesn't have a fps with 256 players ... nor 128 ..

maybe with all that extra chas M$ is making .. they'll be able to have matches with 64 people like resistance 2

Christopher3838d ago

PSN lacks in generating a feel of an online community. Communication is limited, not even taking into consideration who's playing what game. Sony needs to work a ton more on the social aspects of the gaming community with improved friend-based features and some sort of group chat that can be handled no matter what group you're in.

IMHO, I'm absolutely surprised they haven't partnered with a third-party company that already does VoIP to integrate PSN and their own system into one. Similar to the way Microsoft will soon be integrating both MSM and XBL.

xAlmostPro3837d ago

i have to disagree actually, everything on live seems forced upon people.. you must pay, you must make a gamertag, you must create an avatar..

if you want this whole social network thing theres Home for that, for the people who WANT it..

otherwise messages and talking via the ingame part system does the job..

its not often i want to talk to someone in another game for longer than it takes to write a sentence in a message

Redempteur3837d ago

online community ?
Home is strong and growing like crazy for 18 months !!

lol @the group chat ..sure it's usefull but iwhen i'm playing i play with the people in my game ..when i'm taking an are in killzone 2 i communicate with my teammates not with a friend playing street fighter .. ( for example )

X game chat is cool but useless when i'm playing ... i have a texte chat that works .. and when i'm not playing i can chat on every other app , or use my phone

Christopher3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

You guys may be the exception, then.

The concept of openly being able to communicate with someone via voice is a huge desire by many. Sure, there's home for those who specifically want a virtual world within which to be sociable, but what is there besides slow to type text messages and can't do anything but video chatting (both of which I do a lot of)?

People with friends online tend to want to be able to connect with them immediately and without hassle. I send messages to my friends and they take days to respond because it's so easy to miss that someone sent you a message. And even worse is having to pause a game just to read a message if you're in an ongoing conversation with someone. It works, but it certainly is a hassle compared to the proven alternative of just being able to connect via voice.

I video chat with my brother-in-law and even I catch myself sometimes going "gee, this would be great if we could talk and both game at the same time." But we can't. We're both sitting there, staring at each others respective living rooms and that's it. It's great when I can interact with my nephews or my mother-in-law is around to talk as well, it's then kind of a glorified PC chat room. But those moments are very rare.

What Sony has is okay, it allows connections to others and communication. But it's far from what it could be. And it's far from an overall community. You don't force people who want to be a part of the community to just go to the social online area when they want to talk to people and play a game at the same time. Or perhaps they want to watch a movie and talk to their friends.

IMHO, Sony's weakest element is their inability to pull everything together under one umbrella. A concept that Microsoft has done, even if you have to pay for it. But, if Sony did that while keeping online free... it would be solving their one biggest issue with online capabilities and would be one massive step closer to really proving that they can do everything the 360 can and more.

talltony3838d ago

If you do not care about cross game chat then yes psn is better. Really their is not much else that live has on psn. Sure the ingame invites are more incorporated in the os while the party features on psn pretty much have to be built inside in every game from the developers which is not a big deal on the players part but might be from a development standpoint.

HDgamer3838d ago

So upping the price 10 dollars more is now superior? Now still having dedicated servers and ads all over the place is superior? Give me a break, having played on live a lot of times especially over a friends house. Multiplatform games are pretty much the same online, now exclusives different story. Some games lag and some don't. Cross game chat isn't that big of a deal anyway, mostly 360 fans complain about it's not on the ps3 so much for no reason.

bjornbear3838d ago

or experienced any lag in ANY game!!! AND I USE WIRELESS INTERNET!

so...article = bull


pain777pas3838d ago

First difference I notice between PSN and Live is its free. Please enough with the rationalisations. Its not worth it anymore. Get over it. I can go online like actually online with the PS3 and go to an music, video, any site I want. Please stop with this argument. Most are paying for Halo, Gears and COD games.

xAlmostPro3838d ago

actually it IS on par already, yes Live has a few features PSN doesnt but that goes vice versa too..

and not only that what is the MAIN reason live is purchased and psn accounts are made?.. lets not lie here, its to PLAY ONLINE. you can say lives better but you actually buy it to play online.. psn is free and does the same job(not any more laggy, i mean it even has games running 256 players a match)..

so it IS on par if you compare by the main reason live is bought and why psn accounts are made..

i dont know anyone who buys live soley for the features.. only "i want to play my 360 online..and i gotta pay for that"

mopground3837d ago

and if u look at my comment history its all ps3pro cause i do think its a better system and i do think sony is a better company than ms but, live is better than psn. 60$ better? arguably. if psn had cross game/party chat theres no question that it would be better

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josh143993838d ago

i own an xbox 360 and ps3 both online ids are josh14399 and i know for a fact ps3 plays games much better online. resistance1&2, mag, uncharted 2, and warhawk have very little to no lag online. lag is very common when playing halo, gears of war online. the 360s advantage is the friend invite system which is awesome and custom music in all games.

to be honest in the uk psn has the advantage due to it being free and we get services like bbc iplayer and music video program for free. 360 has twitter and facebook but id rather use them on my pc or iphone. is cool on the 360 but video on the ps3 has the advantage. also with if i pay a sub for for psn i get lots of game content every month and i have to pay for live anyway. i also heard itv player and 4OD will be coming to ps3 which is a big bonus. xbox live has sky player which i subscribed to for a couple of months but there was only a few movies on it wasnted to watch and it was costing me over £20 a month when i could just subscribe to love films and get unlimited game and film rentals for less.

Beatboxtaun3838d ago

Uncharted 2 is just amazing and the multiplayer is so much fun, one of my favorites. But, I have been getting some massive lag lately, it's insane. I love my PS3, I just want the connectivity to the servers to run a bit better.

SuperTiger3838d ago

Interesting stuff about how SCEJ seem to be holding back SCEA and SCEE.

Beatboxtaun3838d ago

More interesting about how SCEE freely admitted SCEJ to be the main problem with the online enhancements.

Dark_Energy3838d ago

Here we go...I'm about to say this guys!

Both networks have their positives and negatives, it's the cusomers choice whether they prefer Xbox Live or Playstation Network.

*Waits for disagrees because its the truth*

Beatboxtaun3838d ago

Nah, I agree with that. They both need improvements...XBL, $10 price decrease, please. Hah, wishful thinking doesn't hurt, right?

Dark_Energy3838d ago

The thing is these huge companies can only improve their services if they know exacly what their customers want. In this case we've discovered that Sony Japan aren't allowing certain soical features that's why the PlayStation Network is behind.

Where as Microsoft have a solid social package on the Xbox Live, it's just the fact you have to pay for these privaleges.

I've no idea on the pricing in America but so far Microsoft have said nothing, time will tell.

Optical_Matrix3838d ago

I can actually see SCEJ being the problem. Sounds about right. PSN firmware etc is all done at its core, at SCEJ and since home console gaming/online multiplayer aren't huge in Japan, it would make sense that they neglect it. Notice how some of PSN's best app's and features are being dealt with be SCEE and SCEA