PS Jailbreak Found Illegal by Australian Courts "The day has come and it seems the injunction against PS Jailbreak has not been lifted, but continued until further notice, and that the distributor, China Sun Trading Limited must turn over all stock intended for suppliers in Australia."

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rroded2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

was blow it wide open

now its got publicity n its free online if you got the savy soon nough you'll see em in craigs list

my feelings are pretty mixed on this on one hand its like jtag 360s on psn n they can rip off dev n pirate games on the other hand homebrew rocks...

ps mods took 2 bubs today spare me one if you can chk my comments first n see if i said anything malicious. I think you'll agree im talking facts.

ZombieAutopsy2968d ago

I'm in the same boat, i love Homebrew but at the same time hate piracy so in the end i'd rather Sony just ban the people who use it.

Also the mods took a bub from me today (I know which one too).

GreenRingOfLife2968d ago

Here in the USA its still legal luckily, can't wait to homebrew ps3

ZombieAutopsy2968d ago

just because it's legal doesn't mean Sony couldn't ban ps3's, hell they could even release a patch or firmware that could brick a jailbroken ps3 and most likely get away with it.

skip2mylou2968d ago

too bad you cant homebrew worth a crap green, cause you dont even know how to

insomnium2968d ago

A mod took a bubble away from me too. I know who he is and if you are reading this how about taking that bet again hmmm? I knew I will not get an answer after my reply. If you can't counter him just ignore him right?

Biggest2968d ago

Where are the PS3Jailbreak fans now? N4G. Where crow happens.

evrfighter2968d ago

jailbreak had fans?

All the jailbreak supporters I saw were waiting for the free clones to come out. And coming out they are :D

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LordMarius2968d ago

Well Said! Here Bubbles to all who are against piracy

Anon19742968d ago ShowReplies(3)
WengYong2968d ago

Fantastic news for gamers that appreciate the industry and hard working studios that put in alot of time and effort. Please other countries take note and follow Aussies lead, but dont follow them down the "banning R18 games."

r1sh122968d ago

yea, people can use it for homebrew but how many will?
Since its been leaked all over the internet Sony cannot stand by and do nothing.
The only problem is, there will be more modders and hackers playing with it, since its freely available who knows how far it could go.

jerethdagryphon2968d ago

thye have got a precedent now the code on the net is problematic but remember that code is also avalable to sony inaddition existing stocks of the original will be handed over.

this gives sony a chance to really understand what happened

if people want homebrew sony should create a dev app for all ps3s

pairing a disc and a usb stick togther to create a legal homebrew environment and maintain control over weather or not people can pirate

also all of you shouting for homebrew the only things it needs really is a wider variety of codec support

all people want is free games which is wrong.

red2tango2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

ummm you guys do know PSGroove came out (and it was patched to worked with backups)? All you need is a BlackCat USB which is $40, a lot less than PSJailbreak.

To those who plan to use this illegally, at least buy the quality games. If this was out when Uncharted 2 was released Naughty Dog would have been discouraged from making anymore games. Support those who deserve it!

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LordMarius2968d ago

Now hurry up with that Firmware Sony

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tiamat52968d ago

Well that's one battle won. But the war will continue. Sony has a long fight ahead of them. Next stop, jailbreak resistant Ps3s and mandatory updates to play new games.

ZombieAutopsy2968d ago

Yea if Sony can't make current ps3 models jailbreak proof i see them doing like the Psp and just releasing different models that are resistant.

jneul2968d ago

haha throw em in the locker

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