IGN Preview Outland The New XBLA/PSN Action Platformer From Housemarque

IGN "Super Stardust HD was an early favorite PlayStation Network game of ours. Its developer, Housemarque, has been busy prepping the zombie blaster Dead Nation for PSN. But that's not all it's working on -- it's also developing Outland with Ubisoft for both PSN and Xbox Live Arcade. An action platformer with the polarity mechanics of Ikaruga, Outland will be unveiled this weekend at PAX. But I have the early word on it for you right now, because you're special."

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Davoh2966d ago

Agreed, sounds quite awesome but need more details but it should be fun to play, can't wait

Faztkiller2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Looks cool I'm sure it will be good since it's developed by Housemarque

-Alpha2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Yeah, I loved Super Stardust and this looks promising

Sandal2966d ago

Super Stardust HD & Dead Nation are good but this game doesn't look that interesting.

washingmachine2966d ago

looks interesting from wot we can see,hard to tell yet

Lombax2966d ago

I'm loving all these HD2D games comin out. Plus, it's a PLATFORMER! :D

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