Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for December 2016 any good?

Carlos writes "So here we are again, another month coming to an end and what a month it’s been. November has seen the arrival of several cracking blockbuster titles finally making their way to our consoles. But with November finishing that can only mean one thing, the new Xbox Games With Gold will soon be upon us...and for those of you preparing to put down the controller in order to find your Christmas spirit, don’t be so hasty. The latest offering has been announced, and it looks like Christmas has come early as Microsoft look to end 2016 on possibly the highest note of the year so far with December's Games With Gold."

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neil363690d ago

In short? Yes, damn right they are.

Seriously looking forward to checking out Sleeping Dogs after first playing it on 360. Outlast is great too, whilst Burnout Paradise is an absolute stunner.

Khalina690d ago

Both Sleeping Dogs and Burnout Paradise are games I'd love to see sequels to.

Best hand to hand combat in an open world crime sandbox game, and the other with best car destruction in an open world racing game.

bouzebbal690d ago

I think Yakuza has decent fights as well.
Sleeping dogs is a great game i had a lot of fun playing it when it was free on PS3 even if i never made it to finish it.
I would say it is the only game that's good this month.. not bad i will say!

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Hoffmann690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

Burnout Paradise is a nice game. I prefered Burnout 3 and 4 but Burnout Paradise was not bad at all back in 2008.
I got Outlast around 2 years ago when it was launching and was one of the Ps+ games and can say it is one of the scariest games I ever played.

Sleeping Dogs is also great, I got that one on PS3 as another ps+ games back in summer 2013. Even bought the better PC version later during a sale for 5 bucks. Outland is another nice little game from 2011. They are great games but I played all of them years ago.

A weird coincedence that all four of them were on ps+ years ago already and yesterday I saw a flood of agressive comments arguing that xbl is such a better service. I mean, it is not that they offered anything that was not on the plate of their competition years ago.

Fishy Fingers690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

So to summarise, PlayStation PlayStation PlayStation?

Surely another weird coincidence this is an Xbox thread but you're bragging about PS+? Way to rise above the people you're complaining about.

Septic690d ago

Words can't describe the merkage that just took place here.

Hoffmann690d ago

I was not bragging about anything, simply pointed out a fact.

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Nivekki690d ago

If there was one thing that would improve n4g 100% it would be for Hoffman to stop posting. All he posts is 💩.

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BossBattle690d ago

Wish I could say I played those ps4 indies before but I've never even heard of them. You guys must have collected about 50 indies by now on your ps4. And they all could fit because they're indies and about half a gig each.

Hoffmann690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

I have ps+ since almost the start and it is over 80 indie games already, beat maybe 20 of them and think that is pretty good. Games like Rocket League, Apotheon, Guacamelee or Broforce are awesome

BizarroUltraman690d ago

Lol....all that typing, only to say you got those games a while back.

Condemnedman690d ago

just stop trolling ..... embarrassing

gamer7804690d ago (Edited 690d ago )


Not to mislead readers wanted to point out that the sleeping dogs wasn't the definitive edition remastered for ps4, it was the regular ps3 version, so its only natural that it came out years ago on ps+. The one for Xbox One is the definitive edition with dlc and remastered for Xbox One. I'm not sure why that was even brought up other than to not-so-subtlety troll.

Hoffmann690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

I really did not want to troll anyone here. The thing is that I found it very unfair yesterday by the Playstation owners! to say how bad these "indie trash games" are and how great the gold games are in comparison...while all these games (Okay not the def. version of SD) were on ps+ years ago. Did they all buy a Playstation this year that they don't have these games already?

As a gamer who enjoys both the "big" games but also the "indie" ones I found this damn silly.

Team_Litt690d ago

If we are talking about past free games then these games are in addition to many AAA quality games we have received in the last 24 months. Yes PS + had these before with the exception of Sleeping Dogs DE (remastered plus all dlc) but in the space between then and now, Xbox One has ALSO enjoyed free games like Killer Instinct, Rayman Legends, Tomb Raider DE, WWE 2k16, Warriors Orochi 3, Murdered Soul Suspect, Sunset Overdrive, The Crew, AC Black Flag and Thief on top of the indies and Xbox 360 BC games like The Witcher 2, Gears games, Forza Horizon and Blood Dragon.

If we are talking on a monthly comparison basis then the fact that a game has been free on another service before doesn't matter, especially since the games were most likely not free during the same month.
If PS4 were to get Rayman Legends, Tomb Raider DE and AC Black Flag next month it would be considered a huge month despite the games having already been free on Live. However if only AC was free and the rest were side scrolling indies it wouldn't have the same impact. This month's GwG isn't great because there is one great game but rather because all 4 games are great and there is likely something for every taste as opposed to just indies.

It's all about context.

vegasgamerdawg690d ago

You just wrote to tell us you've played the games already? Gee thanks, what a wonderful story. We'll wait with bated breath for you next story. Tell us about the next time you put ketchup on your hamburger. I smell a fanBOY, stealth trolling. You're bad at it, you've been busted.

spicelicka690d ago

Except none of those games were offered on PS4, they were on PS3. The whole reason people are happy with XBL is that backwards compatibility allows the players to have 2 extra xbox 360 games ON TOP of the XB1 games every month.

On PS4 you get 2 PS4 games and 2 PSVita games which are usually very basic (not saying they are bad). On XB1 you get 2 XB1 games and 2 Xbox 360 games which are usually AAA (Burnout paradise).

Keeping everything else constant, logically XBL has the better deal here. I personally don't care about all 4 games every time obviously, but I love the fact that BC allows me to play free Xbox 360 games every month on my XB1.

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Bushwick690d ago

He's right though. I own both Xbox one and ps4. I don't want to play games that were on PS plus not months but YEARS ago.

spicelicka690d ago

The games aren't selected in any particular sequence. There are also many games on PS Plus that were on XBL months ago (recall Assassin's creed 4 came on XBL before PS Plus). You can't just prioritize YOUR personal situation over everyone else's. So just because you got to play Burnout paradise on PS3 a long time ago means I shouldn't get to play it now on XB1? That doesn't make sense.

At the end of the day 4 great games are being given for free. The nature of the program is such that every game has been played by many people. If you've played them and don't want to download that's great, but doesn't change the fact that it's an awesome bunch of games.

Bushwick689d ago

There are alot more games on Xbl that were previously on ps + than vice versa. It's fine if you like playing old games but you'd think ms would step it up a notch and offer something more recent. Offering games that your competitor has already given away years ago isn't a superb strategy to get more consumers.

xDealtwithIt690d ago

So in your post for the PSplus you said that gamers are going to complain about the selection of PS games, you were basically telling people they should be happy regardless and then you started to slam all future disagrees you would get.

Then you march in here to promote how these games appeared on PS3 years and years ago and then close out by saying how XBL isn't so great compared to PS+.

That's great that you played them all years ago. I figure a lot of gamers have regardless on what system it's on but now these games are being offered for Xbox gamers who haven't played them and Sony once again is pushing bottom of the barrel indie games that I can assure you other gamers played also.

I guess next time MS should consult Sony to see which games they offered on PS3 before they give away games on Xbox.

Hoffmann690d ago

No that was not my point.

Yesterday it was annoying how many people wrote angry comments about how baaad the new games are without ever playing them. You had the "garbage games " comments there just like "xbox with gold is so much better"

And that is bs since both services are more or less equally good but they have a different focus. On xbox you get bigger game names often, but the games are also often, like this month a lot older.

With PS+ you have the bigger focus on indie games, but usually good ones just like the two this month and they are usually a lot newer, sometimes like in the case of Outlast or Rocket League they are even offered on the launch day.

My comment here was not made with the intention to downplay XB Gold, it was made to point out the fact that the games are great but they are older, much older. It looks like the angry guys just see "big name " indie game" in black and white colors and don't think about the other factors that make a game a good value like the age and especially how fun a game is.

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BossBattle690d ago

These games are pretty decent especially compared to what Sony is offering in December.

Jon_Targaryen690d ago

IKR?!?! It's times like these I'm glad I own both a XO and a PS4.

Unreal01690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

Trust you to bring up Sony 😂 everything is a competition with you.

Such a great amount of AAA games that have come out lately and all you can do is brag about your Xbox having slightly better very old free games.

BossBattle690d ago

didn't mean to leave your butt hurting

Summons75690d ago

Outlast is okay, Sleepdogs is meh. Never played outland so I can't comment but I certainly remember putting so many hours into Burnout Paradise. It's a decent month needless to say.

lelo2play690d ago

"Sleepdogs is meh"

Are you kidding me? You must confusing it with Watch Dogs.
Sleeping Dogs is one of the best games from last gen.

Summons75690d ago

Watch Dogs wasn't great either but Sleeping Dogs was a Yakuza wannabe and pretty boring to boot. Sorry not sorry.

Jon_Targaryen690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

LOL "Yakuza wanna be". sleeping dogs is basically a open world game set in Hong KONG (Which was supposed to be Streets of Hong Kong originally". And mind you Yakuza isnt exactly open world, not really. It's more like playing a Japanses Noire with street gangs who start random street brawls when walking down the street on your way to do a side quest to buy a girl flowers or something stupid like that.

Unreal01690d ago

Lmao. Sleeping Dogs is far worse than Watch Dogs.

Hoffmann690d ago

Sleeping Dogs is an excellent game. One of the best Open World games that play in cities.

Team_Litt690d ago

Sleeping Dogs and Yakuza??? Please tell me in what way SD is remotely like or trying to be like Yakuza. Did you play Sleeping Dogs? Or did you just see Asian dude on the cover and conclude that it's Yakuza lite?

cfc83690d ago

Agree with you on Sleeping Dogs. I will maybe give it a second try. I remember buying it from a 360 sale, and deleting it quite quickly. Maybe it's an age thing. I'd also prefer subtitles with characters speaking their native language.

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sullynathan690d ago

Its better than the free PS Plus games this month.

MasterCornholio690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

Can't disagree there but as a long time Plus subscriber I already played those games on my PS3/PS4. For me I prefer the PS4s Plus lineup since they are games that I haven't played before. But thats just my case.


Both look interesting to me though. But out of the two Invisible Inc seems to be the best one.

sullynathan690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

Invisible Inc is good and that's what I'll probably play. The PS3 games given don't look promising

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