New KB Move Trailer

Kevin Butler's Latest playstation trailer advertises motion gaming for all ages!

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TOO PAWNED2970d ago

meh, not as good as old ones

KiasuKiasiMan2970d ago

I actually thought it was fantastic. Not as funny but the epicness makes up for it though they shouldn't have included the dancing part. Loved the endings.

sikbeta2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

lol Grandpa + zapper = WIN

It needed more of KB to be More Epic...

0mega42970d ago

sony marketing is on a roll

Redrum0592970d ago

LMAO @ the flying cheese puffs

lovestospoodge2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

why don't i have one?

i used the same song for an epic feel in a school project, guess we think alike.

and also, the tie/viking vest/hat combo. im stealing it

Shadow Flare2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

I'm with toopawned. This ad is at the bottom of the pile of Kevin butler ads for me. His other ones are far better. This one was just abit over the top. I much prefer the stance they took with the "future" ad then this one. I prefer the slower style ads as opposed to a montage of shoving everything in your face. I dunno. I just think they could've made a better ad. Don't slaughter me, it's just an opinion

Just watched it again. I suppose one good thing about the ad is it does differentiate it against the wii. It makes a clear point that the move is for core games too, not just a mountain of minigames and kiddie crap. That will help set it apart from the wii

-Alpha2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

This was freaking awesome. It addressed the issue of "Motion Control is for little kids" and I think that that was nice

Wish they showed some Socom, Killzone, etc. when playing the shooters though. That would have really driven the point home that Move is meant for core gamers instead of showing some of the crappy launch titles. That's the only fault I have with it, but FFS, it's just an ad, no need to go over the top in criticizing it.

Grandpa Zapper was hilarious, hope he makes a comeback.

Solstice2970d ago

That was great. Can anyone tell me what the song is? And where I can find similar music (instrumental) that can create moods in videos? It might come in handy in the future to me.

Much appreciated. :D

Shadow Flare2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Solstice I think the song is Prediator by Globus

If you wanted a similar sounding song, try 'O Fortuna - Carmina Burana'

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Chris3992970d ago

Kevin B and the fat viking lady. C'mon, that was ace.

Could've done with less of the homogenized family. The mother had some funny expressions though.

-Alpha2970d ago

Isn't that the same mother from the Desperate Dad ad? Lol

Triella2970d ago

The family is definitely to mock Nintendo and MS (Kinect) "happy smiling family" commercials

bustamove2970d ago

Are you kidding? That was awesome.

Davoh2970d ago

Bring on the Playstation Movie starring Kevin Butler, an adventure comedy full of epic win =D

Redempteur2970d ago

lol , wasn't expecting the flammes along with the viking !!

meetajhu2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

This is worlds first EPIC ad!! In the end it makes sense with the chicken leg that he is being immersed into the Move world where the controller is the chicken leg. Hats off to KB.

Sevir042970d ago

That had me dying. I loved it. and it also made all the games look cool and fun thats the idea they want to be nailed along with KB's Charm!!! LOL!!! The Cheese puffs with that Song was just the perfect touch though. KB markets the Move and he does it well

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HeroXIV2970d ago

Ending made me LOL. That's rare... nothing makes me LOL.

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Faztkiller2970d ago

Finally a new KB video and it didn't disappoint

sdtarm2970d ago

Epic KB doesnt dissapoints