Alan Wake sequel?

Post reads: "Remedy is getting a bit confusing lately about their statements on an Alan Wake sequel. First there's denial that it's even happening, then there's quotes that lead us to believe that a second Alan Wake might just be a possibility."

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NYC_Gamer2969d ago

was this game successful enough?all jokes aside sells mean nothing long as the player enjoy the game...but does MS see it that way

Drycell042969d ago

The game had a strong start with the story but after a while the enemies and environments got repetitive, it's a good game but (This is my opinion) I think it should of came out earlier doesn't feel like an 2010 game.

blodulv2969d ago

What exactly is a 2010 game?

WhittO2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

^^ GOW3 is a 2010 game..

Uncharted 2 is a 2011 game lol

Natsu X FairyTail2969d ago

MS will do a ALAN WAKE 2 it's one of their Only Exclusive game series from now on.

They'll want to keep whatever they have left after losing Mass EFFECt 2.

its safe to say that for 2011-2012 we'll probably see releases for

Alan Wake 2 , projet Kingdom , Gears of War , some new Halo thing and some Reharshed Crackdown 3.

0mega42969d ago

it prob will no longer be exclusive there bring it to the pc at the least

theKiller2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

but according to 360 fans standards, alan wake is a flop since it didnt sell 5 million copies in the first weeks!!

they always says ps3 games flops when they dont sell well but now according to 360 fans a flop game will have a sequel?

number472969d ago

But thats all old and under the bridge now. Yea, 360 fans on this site definitely flopped all PS3 things that didn't score AAA out the gates & Sell 8 million or close.

But now you see people changing their tune, well not that there is a choice. It was all just BS in the first place to disparage the PS3, we went from no games, bad graphics, lol @ installs, lol @ no xmb, no games, just a bluray player, no games, etc. To where we are now.. it was always some excuse about the triple... but now... eh.. I'm kinda over it.

AW was a flop by yesteryear ps3 standards, but by normal standards its an ok game. Remedy just got caught in a long development cycle with hardware that couldn't deliver the dream they wanted to. No one on earth strives for a sandbox game, then decides it wont work. Before it even gets to that point, your game design document works out the interaction and logistics of your gaming world. Before you even start coding.

They showed off the amazing PC code/visuals/sandbox/techdemo in hopes that it could be crammed into the 360, it couldn't. Couldn't even pull off basic HD. The whole repetitive nature of the game speaks to the lack of any sort of planning to make it such a smaller scale title. Look at the world SuckerPunch has created in less time, now imagine giving them 5 years. The problem is really evident.

Everyone seems to forget all the hype behind this title as a game-changer. A technological powerhouse, and the one single exclusive that was going to show the 360 can compete when it comes to todays technological standards.

outrageous2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Settle down there guy who joined N4G 20days ago...LMFAO. You have to play the games to complain about them. Obviously, you haven't and as your comments show are clueless...A common problem with brand X owners.

Alan wake doesn't have to make excuses which I'm guessing all the games you think are revolutionary have too.

Your " complaints " about the PS3 are all correct and still stand today. It's Sept and nothing to play on PS3. GT has a 10 GB install that the maker of the game pollyanna says is necessary for it to run smooth. XBL is the envy of the world and easily the most profitable. You said no games TWICE...telling indeed.

Now AW is a flop based on PS3 sales of yesteryear...the system is 4 years old...LMFAO

The " amazing " PC code huh...lets take a look...

PC Alan Wake...

Final code 360 Rusty game play...AMAZING!!!

Yep, it looks that good but you wouldn't know that, your a lost cause. Alan wake will exist in one way or another and you will just have to live with

Here's the game engine...

Keep counting your pixels and pre-rendered cut scenes...the rest of us will be playing the best made games this gen.

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Megaton2969d ago

I don't really follow sales, but what I remember seeing last wasn't great. I don't think it did all that well compared to other games of similar caliber. It's a shame too, cause it's a good game. It should have received better support from the 360 base, but it doesn't have any beefcake grunts or space marines. They also shouldn't have cut the PC version.

Anyway, it needs a sequel. The first one left things entirely unresolved, and The Signal just reinforced how hopeless Alan's situation is.

omi25p2969d ago

if microsoft cancel alan wake 2 then they have lost their minds, to remove a popular core exclusive away from a already tiny core exclusive list would just be plain idiotic

Infernostew2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

The word popular is in the eye of the beholder, I guess. They really should have put this game on PC as well. The sales from PC and 360 combined would have certainly called for a sequel but it seems like it's in jeopardy of remaining only a single title.

lelo2play2969d ago

yes i agree... every x360 and PS3 exclusive should come to the PC.

Infernostew2969d ago

I completely disagree with your statement but considering Alan Wake was announced as a PC title first, it should've been released along side the 360 version. Also, why do many disagrees? Is what I said that far from the truth?

Godmars2902969d ago

To show if they have any kind of gaming backbone, to support something they gave years of hype, they pretty much have to.

jay22969d ago

I think an official annoucment will come very soon, maybe at the end of the writer.

prettyboy12969d ago

dude u know that was so un called for

outrageous2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

I'm not sure M$ will support AW2 UNLESS they have some sort of final launch date in writing. I know devs like to have a big blank cheque and then hide up in the mountains for 5 years enjoying themselves but Steve Ballmer, who's running the show right now at M$ is not gonna give them that. Those days are over, stevie is all business, all the time. He's the 33rd richest man in America with a net worth of 15 BILLION for a reason.

I really enjoyed AW and own the collectors edition. Remedy has to step up and offer a co-op campaign and multi-player the next time around. DLC is not enough on the XBL obsessed 360.

Wolverick2969d ago

Coop - yes... Multiplayer - No. Some games just don't need multiplayer modes and this is one of them. Then again i thought the same when I heard about Uncharted 2 multiplayer and ended up loving it.

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