SpawnKill Review: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is kind of a landmark venture in the gaming world. When it was first announced, many decried it as a paid demo, and why pay for something that is meant to convince you to pay for something else? Others saw it as an opportunity for a new type of marketing, or even a new genre of games. Now that it’s out, we can finally answer the question of just what it is, and more importantly, if it’s worth paying for.

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tigresa4162d ago

It's only $5?! Glad you didn't find it to be a "paid demo" - and men aw and shed tears? What the deuce world do we live in!


Its comparable to Falbe 2: Pub games but much better.

theherp804162d ago

Pub Games with Zombies! no thank you

kasasensei4162d ago

The demo is great, fun & entertaining. :)