Dead Rising series total sales figures revealed

Capcom have revealed Dead Rising series sales via their annual report.

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Thatguy-3103259d ago

And here is the reason why it went exclusive. The series isn't as big as people want it to make it seem. If it was a big franchise then it would be a different story but since it was selling mediocre for being in multiple platforms it just didn't cut it.

Bigpappy3259d ago

Sounds like a better reason to make it multi-plat. If it doesn't sell enough on one console, may he having it on 2 or more will sell MORE copies. No?

Thatguy-3103259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Microsoft is funding Dead Rising 3. So yea it failed selling a lot in multiple consoles so I'm pretty sure a sequel is only being made because of Microsoft specifically. Similar to what Nintendo is doing with Bayonetta

Lalanana3259d ago


Your logic is just wow.. I can't..I just can't..

This is what happens when people troll and have no idea what they are talking about.


mikeslemonade3259d ago

Mediocrity is what happens when games go multiplatform. I will give you an example with the Final Fantasy , Resident Evil, DMC, and etc.

Whatever the case may be, Dead Rising is multiplatform up-res current gen shovelware.

ABizzel13259d ago


Normally that is true, but since it's a 1 - 2 million seller it's easier for Microsoft to offer Capcom $30 - $60 million to make the game exclusive for the Xbox One. If it was a bigger game that price would jump to get it exclusive.

awi59513259d ago

Dont forget mass effect 2 where they made your choices in the other games mean nothing for the ps3 version. The choices you make in mass effect one should majorly effect mass effect 3 but they dont because of the ps3 versions. Too tell the truth the first game sets the whole story for the game. Masseffect 2 means nothing story wise because they had to make the choices non important for the ps 3 late comers so that killed the series.

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mushroomwig3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

To be honest that kind of logic doesn't make any sense, a franchise struggles to sell on multiple platforms so their answer is to limit it to one platform?

I wish this game the best of luck, I hope it sells enough for the franchise to continue, but judging by the pre-orders..well, we'll see.

majiebeast3259d ago

Im some cases exclusivity works in the developers favor they get more media coverage.

iamnsuperman3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

No necessarily. Microsoft clearly sees a potential for it if it has the right guidance and Capcom needs money. It is much easier to use an existing franchise (no matter how poorly it sells) than a new ip ( cheaper). It is a new thing and it will happen more this next generation (Bayonetta is another example of this)

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Its a mediocre series at best Imo i actually finished part 1 and 2 btw.. It gets repetitive and theres not much to it and i firmly believe Dr3 will come to pc just like alan wake , mark of the ninja (Published by Ms) ect .

Oh and Capcom BADLY need money also.

Fireseed3259d ago

Small series sales. But damn do I love these games! Played SO many hours of 1 and been playing co-op with my buddy since it was released for free with Games for Gold, can't wait to pick up 3

christocolus3259d ago

i enjoyed the first one too...really fun title...looking forward to part3.

RDENNY2B3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

I'm Pre ordering DR 3 on Tuesday so Yeh +1 to that pre order list :)
& this game will sell but it won't out sell as The other Deadrising Games did simply because not everyone who's planning on getting an Xbox one is getting an Xbox One on The 22, so next year the numbers will be better.

LordDhampire3259d ago

This is what makes me so mad, Im at 3 bubble because I said a comments about how everyone is all about throwing out the dead rising name and how its exclusive again...when clearly none of them have probably ever bought or played the game.

I've loved this series since it was 360 exclusive and advocated the series and no one wanted to give it a chance then.

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