Kill Kast 15: Is This the Evolution of Game Reviews?

Eric of Spawnkill Writes:

"The Kill Kast is back again with Episode 15 where Rebecca, Dana, and Eric get together to discuss some new ways critics are reviewing games and much more. We chat about some games we’ve been playing, which includes Burn Zombie Burn!, Scott Pilgrim, Sam and Max, Dragon Age Awakenings and Mafia 2. We also spend a good amount of time talking about Final Fantasy 14 and its flaws along with other MMO’s. Finally we get into our main topic where we discuss the new ways in which critics are presenting reviews, for example displaying the hours played, achievements earned etc."

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theherp803063d ago

more dragon age talk lol.

Heart1lly3063d ago

This podcast was really enjoyable to record...more so than usual. I am not sure why, just was.

theherp803063d ago

cause we talked so much about MMO's maybe