PlayStation®Home now available to Malaysia PlayStation®3 users

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited (SCEH) today announced the opening of online community playground, PlayStation®Home to Malaysia from 2nd September, 2010, bringing interactive and high-resolution virtual space experience to PlayStation®3 (PS3™) users in Malaysia.

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Blacktric2974d ago

Next up is Turkey. Hopefully. Hell I don't even care about the Home. Just give us the PlayStation Store so I can use my credit card to buy all that sweet PSN games and DLC's easily. Or better; just merge all European accounts under one European Store and do the same for every other region and their countries so gamers living in non-supported countries doesn't have to buy a 20 dollar PSN card for 25-30 dollars from stupid websites. We're faking our adresses to get US, EU, Hong Kong and Japanese accounts anyway so what's the point?