Top Ten RPGs Of This Generation... So Far

Gaming Union writes: "This console generation has seen a remarkable shift in what it means to be a role-playing game. Elements that have traditionally been exclusive to RPGs - such as leveling / upgrading characters and equipment, branching, non-linear plots, and collectible items - have begun to be incorporated in numerous other genres, blurring the lines between them. However, the core RPG genre remains intact, featuring a wide variety of the best Western and Eastern game designers have to offer. This is Gaming Union's top ten RPGs of this console generation (roughly 2005 to present)."

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Coramoor_3953d ago

I have to say this is a very good list, all the games i've played on this list were top notch

3953d ago
Chubear3953d ago

Ah FO3, it should be about $20bucks now right. I've heard such great things about it so I hope I'll enjoy it before the onslaught of games come in this Fall.

Is there Goty edition or something for FO3?

GWAVE3953d ago

This is a pretty good list, but keep in mind that there are a ton of great RPGs on the handhelds and on PC, too.

DORMIN3953d ago

Valkyria Chronicles is still my fav RPG this gen. VERY happy to see it on the list!

Can't wait for VC2 and the VC3 announcement. XD

Perjoss3953d ago

Don't like the way they have Mass Effect 2 there but Mass Effect 1 only makes it into the honorable mentions. The first Mass Effect is more of an RPG than 2, 2 focuses much more on combat and has much less RPG elements.

DasBunker3953d ago

lol glad to see people agreed with my "c" comment.. i was gonna edit it but i forgot :P

im gonna try demons souls soon... people positive comments are overwhelming.. i dont have many games that im looking forward this year anyway

JDouglasGU3953d ago

@ GWAVE: the list does include some games on PC, PSP, and DS. the console generation is more of a time reference.

Myze3953d ago


It's kind of a tricky thing. ME1 is definitely more of an RPG, but ME2 IS still an RPG, and to me (and the majority of people) it is still a better game, even if the RPG elements aren't as common. Then again, RPG is not a clearly defined genre, either.

Overall, great list, but also shows that this generation, so far, does not come close to measuring up to past generations in terms of RPGs. I'm not saying some of the games don't measure up, but in the past, I could make a top 50 list with quality RPGs, easily.

jeseth3952d ago

That game was magic. Arguably the most underated game this gen.

ChineseDemocracy3952d ago

Solid list, played and loved every single one of those titles.

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darkcharizard3953d ago

And if you consider that last gen,

Metal Gear Solid 4 or Super Mario Galaxy 2

Kingdom Come3953d ago

My Opinion, I won't disagree with others...

jalen2473952d ago

Easily GOW III
Kratos rules them all

dragon823952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

I can't decide so I will give my top 5:

Fallout 3
Heavenly Sword
Heavy Rain

flyingmunky3952d ago

Demon's Souls

That game more than any other reminds me of old school gaming. Amazing sense of atmosphere, nothing else really like it this generation.

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Imperator3953d ago

If you have a 360 and are interested in JRPGS, there's no better choice than Lost Odyssey. IMO, it's miles better than FFXIII. Such a great game. Probably one of my favorite 360 games.

mrcash3953d ago

I was hoping for a sequel but I doubt we'll see one.

Umbrella Corp3952d ago

Im with you guys LO was a master piece.Turn based system and amazing graphics with he creator of the original Final Fantasy.The story was so touching and Jansen hahaha that mofo was funny.

heroprotagonist3952d ago

Lost Odyssey is awesome. It's underrated in my opinion. I agree with what I heard in some article that everybody judged earlier RPGs harsher because they all assumed Final Fantasy XIII would come along and blow all those games away. Now that FFXIII has turned out to be below expectations I realize even more how awesome Lost Odyssey is.

Jamegohanssj53953d ago

Demon Souls and Oblivion. The End.


Kingdom Come3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Double post curtosy of my iPhone :/

Kingdom Come3953d ago

What does this TGSI stand for? I've been meaning to ask for months...

ReservoirDog3163952d ago

Haha, I asked that before. It means:

The Genius Said It.

callahan093953d ago

It's a pretty good list. My only changes would be: Dragon Quest IX should be on the list, not the honorable mentions, so I would switch its spot with Crisis Core, and Eternal Sonata shouldn't even be an honorable mention (didn't like it at all), and Disgaea 3 should be there on the honorable mentions in its place.

Pika-pie3953d ago

Demon Souls is good but its a little too hardcore for my tastes. I have a busy life and I like to enjoy my games on an evening and its just not fun at times having to consult a guide every step of the way because its to easy to die or miss something important. If the enemies didnt respawn when you died I would probably like it 100times more. Still, I shall stick at it for now.

Glad to see Oblivion and FFXIII on that list. When are they going to announce an Elders Scrolls V!!!

meganick3952d ago

I liked every pick on the list except Final Fantasy 13, which I thought was a major letdown.

Scrooge3952d ago

ME1 had more detailed character stats to upgrade than ME2. Is that all a game needs in order to have "more RPG elements"? I think it's a weak argument. Upgradable character stats were present in ME2 just not as detailed, everything else was better in ME2.

I like Demon's Souls, it's really hard. I put like 100 hours into Oblivion. I think it's about time I picked up Lost Oddyssee, but there's too many others I need to play and not enough time. I'm yet to finish GOW3 for crying out loud!

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mephman3953d ago

Some quality games in there, one for every different type of RPG fan.

JDouglasGU3953d ago

RPGs have really diversified over the years, it's a great thing to see.

RedPawn3953d ago

Great List, but out of PERSONAL TASTE, I would of put DQIX in the place of Fallout 3.

darthdevidem013953d ago

I agree Fallout 3 was disappointing after Oblivion!

Coramoor_3953d ago

Fallout 3 had it's problems but in comparison to oblivion it was far better, oblivion just lost me after a while, altohugh i did enjoy what i played of it immensely up to a point

Redempteur3953d ago

fallout 3 was disapointing after ..Fallout 1 or 2...

fallout is not bad but it's oblivion with another skin ..while i'd want ...well fallout ...

jaosobno3953d ago

Demon's souls, my favorite RPG of all time.

On the other hand, FF 13 belongs on "The Worst" lists, not "Best". They should have put Mass Effect 1 instead of FF 13.