Zelda: Wind Waker Running On PSP

A smart chap has coded an application allowing a GameCube title, the Japanese version of Zelda: Wind Waker, to run on the PSP. Not perfectly, of course, since it has no sound, is laggy, and for some reason all buttons are being pressed down at the same time.

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specialguest5391d ago (Edited 5391d ago )

hell yeah! this is exactly why i bought my PSP and never upgraded the firmware. hacks and emulators is what im talkin about. soon, before you know it, they'll be DS emulators for the PSP. Go hacking community!

CAPS LOCK5391d ago

lol thats how the first game boy colour emulator looked like and in about 4 months it was playing perfect on the psp same with n64.

go hacking community psp rules, but i wish they would get the final fantasy game on psp sooner.

BIadestarX5391d ago

I smell another firmware. The only reason I bough my psp was for SNES emulation; but a friend upgraded my firmware and there it goes the PSP. Now my PSP is useless! it can only play PSP games! Why me! Why! I hate Sony for new firmwares... They spoiled my fun!

specialguest5391d ago

i feel yah on that PSP firmware issue. i think Sony doesn't care about other emulators. what their worried about is one day, someone will be able to copy PSP games and play them illegally. too bad man, might as well sell it on ebay or something and buy a 1.5 firmware PSP.

CAPS LOCK5391d ago

u dont have to worry just tell me what version ur psp is and i could probably put firmware on it.