Survey reveals Sony still hasn't lost its touch

A recent study by ABI Research (that's "Video Game End-User Perceptions: Entering the Next Generation", if you want the formalities) revealed that 60% PS2 owners are "likely" to get a PS3, 46% of GameCube owners are likely to get a Wii, while 45% of of Xbox owners plan to buy an Xbox 360.

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TheMART4445d ago

That's because Sony fanboys are too blind to see they're again buying into lies. Like PS2 was the weakest one around last time, the PS3 is beaten up already by the 360 this round.

Gears of War is the game of the year

RR6 on 360 from a year ago looks better then RR7 just released on PS3

COD3 on 360 has double the framerate of the same game on PS3

Rainbox Six has face mapping (with vison cam) on the 360 and lacks this in the PS3 version

Online has been cut with Tony Hawk and other games on PS3, 360 has the online futures

The list goes on and on... But fanboys are opening up their eyes one for one. And this Christmas gamers will step in. 360's are produced so much they are on the shelves. And copies of Gears of War are flying out of the shops. Viva Piniata is a very good game that parents will buy with the 360 as a Christmas present.

XBOX will gain much market share, Playstation will loose a lot

ElementX4445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

For one, the article didn't say "when" PS2 owners would buy a PS3, only that they're "likely" to buy one. It might be a year or more down the line. Furthermore, this article didn't state what current system owners might buy a next gen system from the competition.

marionz4445d ago

i opened my eyes to the fact that sony sells crap, and with all the downgrades ps3 games are getting in comparison to their 360 counterparts, im totally sure the 360 is the best choice, and in my opinion obviously more powerfull then the ps3, RIP sony

Aflac4445d ago didnt even come close to the n64 in terms of fun...i doubt the ps3 will be any different, sony still only gets 1-3 great games per yr...

super bill4445d ago

i still think sony will win this time around.but microsoft and nintendo will defiently catch up.but the next consloes to come out will be different if sony keep lying and giving faulst lies.i think that sony fanboys will have anuff of sony if the ps3 is a big disapointment.

MissAubrey4444d ago

most of the sony boys dont care Sony could crap in their mouth and they still would go nuts for sony.

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