Boogie bombs: American Software Sales

American chart for week ending 11th August 2007 is released and as you can see, EA's high profile Wii game Boogie didn't have a strong debut (the reason behind PS2 version rumors?) and couldn't get to top 10 which is dominated by Nintendo.

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MK_Red6179d ago

A casual Wii game from EA not making it to top 10 is a rare thing. Add its a dance / family/ children game and it becomes more puzzling. Maybe 1UP was right about giving it 3 out of 10 (And GamePro's 8/10 was totally off).
Poor PS2 that now has to get this Boo-gie.

the greatest6179d ago


djt236179d ago

i am sorry but the suck to me it is not a game
you really dont do anything

Rooftrellen6179d ago

Boogie bombs...is anyone really suprised?

I love they're trying something different, but this was a sad attempt to profit from how popular both Guitar Hero and Wii are right now.

MK_Red6179d ago

The reason I was a bit surprised but its failure is that:
A.Boogie is a Wii game and Wii games are selling really good these days.
B.It's a family friendly / party game for Wii.
C.It's from EA and EA did a lot of advertising for it.
D.It's a casual game for Wii!!

All of those suggested that the game should sell but no... it didn't and thank God that it didn't because a bad and weakly reviewed casual Wii game from EA selling good and spawning yearly EA sequels is the last thing we need.

Rooftrellen6179d ago

A. Not all Wii games are selling well. Wii games that are well thought out are selling well. Alien Syndrome isn't exactly flying off the shelves and into Wiis, either. It's just not a huge game. Boogie has the same problem.

B. Party games are saturating the market right now. Really, its become clear the Wii doesn't need anymore, which is one reason everyone should have expected it to fail. Family friendly...a lot of games are family friendly, which, I suppose, gives Boggie some compitition so we can compare.

C. I suppose the fact that EA made a game that everyone didn't eat up is a suprise. Let's just hope it sends a message that we aren't eatting everything they cough up anymore.

D. Shh, don't tell the PS3 and 360 fanboys that RE4 is selling better on the Wii than Boogie. They'd have a heart attack! With the flood of casual/party games on the Wii, it should actually be expected that some of the late commers will fail. Who wants Boogie at your party when there's Mario Party 8?

No one should be suprised that a bad game (plenty of bad reviews) will fail. It just goes to show you that people are smart enough not to buy everything thrown at them.

texism6179d ago

yess! I hoped to God that this game would bomb.I hope this sends a message. They think they can make stuff like this and people will buy because they are just the dumb "casual type." Make Guitar Hero and Wii sports and the casuals are all over it. Make Boogie and it will bomb.

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H9884d ago

A lot of the points made here are true, yet let's give it a chance, because like the author said, the Wii was a motion control console and everyone did view it as such while the switch is not, so the way people view the game determines how much they invested in it, so again let's give it a chance and see

Ratty884d ago

Wii sports was truly atrocious and you're saying Switch Sports will be even worse? It does not bode well for Switch Sports indeed.

Fntastic884d ago

Wii Sports was ok for screwing around, but the games lacked depth. Also I'm not sure why it seems like they decided to stick with the automatic player movement so all you need to do is swing to hit something. Very noob friendly but not as much fun IMO.

CrimsonWing69884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

Wii Sports was THE game for casuals. I don’t feel many casuals own the Switch. I can’t see this doing the numbers Wii Sports did.

Einhander1971883d ago

Course it won't, the Wii was a phenomenon. Something new with the motion tech. A curiosity to almost everyone. Obviously Switch sports won't create the same impact.

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Relientk77915d ago

Because we all miss accidentally throwing our Wiimotes at the TV, so let's throw some Joy-Cons.