Unscripted 360 'Inside Girl Gamers Part 1'

Unscripted 360 launched the first part in a series looking into different levels of girl gamers. Stay tuned for additional episodes...but for now take a seat and listen to the different extremes that are 'girl gamers' within the Xbox 360 community and gaming community in general.

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Arsenic135394d ago

I have some girls on me friends, but what pisses me of is when some people ask if they're fat.WTF some guys online act stupid toward girls online, as if cooties are real. No mater what girl gamers will never get the respect they deserve, when some guys act a kindergardenish ( not real word )

makenzi5394d ago

i agree. it's sad but i'm glad at least some sites are trying to give us girls props..i mean damn we play games..get over it.